World ocean database 2013.

Timothy P. Boyer, John I. Antonov, Olga K. Baranova, Hernan E. Garcia, Daphne R. Johnson, Alexey V. Mishonov, Todd D. O'Brien, Dan Seidov, , Melissa M. Zweng, Christopher R. Paver, Ricardo A. Locarnini, James R. Reagan, Carla Coleman & Alexandra Grodsky
The oceanographic databases described by this atlas series expands on the World Ocean Database 2009 (WOD09) product and its predecessors. We have expanded by including substantial amounts of both recent and historical data not previously available. Earlier NODC/WDC oceanographic databases, and products derived from these databases, have proven to be of great utility to the international oceanographic, climate research, and operational environmental forecasting communities. In particular, the objectively analyzed fields of temperature and salinity derived...
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