[Karuk and Yurok audio recordings]

William Bright, Chester Pepper, Nettie Reuben & Carrie Roberts
Wire recordings of Karuk and Yurok. Digital assets include higher quality, and in some cases slightly longer or slightly shorter, versions of audio catalogued elsewhere in the CLA. Digital asset BrightW.t001-A_01.wav corresponds to Yurok audio in LA 13.001 (00:00 - 25:33), LA 13.002 (25:39 - 33:00), and LA 13.003 (33:06 - 41:56). Digital asset BrightW.t001-B_01.wav corresponds to Karuk audio in LA 78.019. Digital asset BrightW.t001-C_01.wav corresponds to Karuk audio in LA 78.001 (00:00 - 01:43),...
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