Distributed and dynamic intracellular organization of extracellular information in yeast

AA Granados, JMJ Pietsch, SA Cepeda-Humerez, I Farquhar, G Tkačik & P Swain
Data from single-cell microscopy experiments for "Distributed and dynamic intracellular organization of extracellular information" by Granados, Pietsch, Cepeda-Humerez, Tkačik and Swain. The data come from a microfluidics-based screening of the dynamics of nuclear translocation for 10 transcription factors (Msn2, Msn4, Dot6, Tod6, Sfp1, Maf1, Mig1, Mig2, Hog1, and Yap1), which are the endpoints of evolutionarily conserved signaling pathways (including protein kinase A (PKA), AMP kinase and TOR kinase pathways). The data set includes single-cell time...
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