Automated generation of modular of gene descriptions

Ranjana Kishore, Valerio Arnaboldi, Ceri E. Van Slyke, Stacia R. Engel, Juancarlos Chan, Susan M. Bello, Robert S. Nash, Jose M. Urbano, Mary E. Dolan, Mary Shimoyama, Paul W. Sternberg & The Alliance Of Genome Resources
Summarizing gene function into short human-readable text from an ever-growing literature corpus is a time- and labor-intensive task. In order to automate the writing of a gene description, we developed an algorithm that uses curated gene data provided by member databases of the Alliance of Genome Research (Alliance; Data includes gene associations to Gene Ontology (GO) terms [1], Disease Ontology (DO) terms [2] and human orthologs. This project has resulted in modular and standardized...
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