Long Slender Piezo-Resistive Silicon Microprobes for Fast Measurements of Roughness and Mechanical Properties inside Micro-Holes with Diameters below 100 µm

Uwe Brand, Min Xu, Lutz Doering, Jannick Langfahl-Klabes, Heinrich Behle, Sebastian Bütefisch, Thomas Ahbe, Bodo Mickan, Erwin Peiner, Stefan Völlmeke, Thomas Frank, Ilia Kiselev, Michael Drexel & Michael Hauptmannl
During the past decade, piezo-resistive cantilever type silicon microprobes for high-speed roughness measurements inside high-aspect-ratio microstructures, like injection nozzles or critical gas nozzles have been developed. This article summarizes their metrological properties for fast roughness and shape measurements including noise, damping, tip form, tip wear, and probing forces and presents the first results on the measurement of mechanical surface parameters. Due to the small mass of the cantilever microprobes, roughness measurements at very high traverse...
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