Dataset for Combining Harmonic Laser Beams by Fiber Components for Refractivity–Compensating Two-Color Interferometry

Xiukun Hu, Anni Röse, Günther Prellinger, Paul Köchert, Jigui Zhu & Florian Pollinger
A perfect spatial overlap with multiple beams of different wavelengths is a prerequisite for multi–wavelength interferometry. Beam combination with the help of fibers seems to be an interesting method for this. We investigated three different types of fiber components, multi–mode wavelength division multiplexers (MM–WDMs), single–mode wavelength division multiplexers (SM–WDMs), and endlessly single–mode polarization maintaining photonic crystal fibers (PM–PCFs). All three seem potential candidates for a perfect spatial overlap of laser beams separated by an octave,...
1 citation reported since publication in 2020.
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