Dataset for the publication \"A Ti/Pt/Co Multilayer Stack for Transfer Function Based Magnetic Force Microscopy Calibrations summary\"

Baha Sakar, Sibylle Sievers, Alexander Fernández Scarioni, Felipe García-Sánchez, Ilker Öztoprak, Hans Werner Schumacher & Osman Öztürk
Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) is a widespread technique for imaging magnetic structures with a resolution of some 10 nanometers. MFM can be calibrated to obtain quantitative (qMFM) spatially resolved magnetization data in units of A/m by determining the calibrated point spread function of the instrument, its instrument calibration function (ICF), from a measurement of a well-known reference sample. Beyond quantifying the MFM data, a deconvolution of the MFM image data with the ICF also corrects...
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