Workshop \"Electromagnetic Waves and Wind Turbines (EMWT) 2017\"

Thorsten Schrader, Marius Mihalachi, Jochen Bredemeyer, Sergei Sandmann, Benjamin Winkel, Gerhard Greving, Andreas Frye, Frank Weinmann & Oleg A. Krasnov
1. WERAN, Interaction of Wind Turbines and Terrestrial Navigation / Radar Systems
2. Development of the Airborne Measurement Platfom
3. Effects of Wind Turbines on Radar signals
4. Interaction of Wind Turbines with VHF Omnidirectional Radio Ranges
5. Instrumentation for Weather Radar Measurements
6. WERAN-Numerische Simulationen
7. Compatibility between Radioastronomical Observations and Wind Turbines
8. On Numerical 3D-system simulations and Systems applied for Wind-Turbines
9. Influences of wind farms on modern ASR Radarsytems with consideration...
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