Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes

Johann Meisner, Ernst Gockenbach, Hanane Saadeddine, Jussi Havunen, Uwe Schichler, Alf-Peter Elg, Fernando Garnacho, Paolo Emilio Roccato, Ahmet Merev, Kari Lahti, Karsten Backhaus, Andrea Orrea, Michael Gamlin & Thomas Steiner
As part of the production of equipment for high voltage electricity grids, high voltage tests are performed to verify that the equipment can withstand the operational voltage stresses. Such ‘withstand tests’ are performed using combined and composite waves, where lightning impulse (LI) or switching impulse (SI) waves are superimposed on AC or DC. Both the technical understanding of the generation and measurement of such high voltage wave forms and the regulations in international standards are...
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