Paleo-Drainage Basin Connectivity Predicts Evolutionary Relationships across Three Southeast Asian Biodiversity Hotspots

Mark De Bruyn, Lukas Rüber, Stephan Nylinder, Björn Stelbrink, Nathan R. Lovejoy, Sébastien Lavoué, Heok Hui Tan, Estu Nugroho, Daisy Wowor, Peter K. L. Ng, M. N. Siti Azizah, Thomas Von Rintelen, Robert Hall & Gary R. Carvalho
Understanding factors driving diversity across biodiversity hotspots is critical for formulating conservation priorities in the face of ongoing and escalating environmental deterioration. While biodiversity hotspots encompass a small fraction of Earth's land surface, more than half the world's plants and two-thirds of terrestrial vertebrate species are endemic to these hotspots. Tropical Southeast (SE) Asia displays extraordinary species richness, encompassing four biodiversity hotspots, though disentangling multiple potential drivers of species richness is confounded by the region's...
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