The Contribution of the Left Phrenic Nerve to Innervation of the Esophagogastric Junction

Kati Haenssgen, Gudrun Herrmann, Annette Draeger, Manfred Essig & Valentin Djonov
The contribution of the left phrenic nerve to innervation of the esophagogastric junction. The esophagogastric junction is part of the barrier preventing gastroesophageal reflux. We have investigated the contribution of the phrenic nerves to innervation of the esophagogastric junction in humans and piglets by dissecting 30 embalmed human specimens and 14 piglets. Samples were microdissected and nerves were stained and examined by light and electron microscopy. In 76.6% of the human specimens, the left phrenic...
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