The role of additional late PSMA-ligand PET/CT in the differentiation between lymph node metastases and ganglia.

Ian Alberts, Christos Sachpekidis, Lotte Dijkstra, George Prenosil, Eleni Gourni, Silvan Boxler, Tobias Gross, George Thalmann, Kambiz Rahbar, Axel Rominger & Ali Afshar-Oromieh
PURPOSE Differentiating between prostate cancer (PC) lesions and benign structures which exhibit radiotracer uptake in PSMA-ligand PET/CT can be challenging. Additional late imaging has been shown to be a powerful method for the discrimination between PC and non-PC lesions, owing to the increasing tracer uptake of the former. Nevertheless, there are no pre-existing studies which describe the dynamic tracer uptake for ganglia, which this present study aims to address. METHODS Fifty consecutive patients with PC...
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