Calibration of parent and fragment ion detection rates in Rosettas ROSINA/DFMS mass spectrometer

J. De Keyser, A. Gibbons, F. Dhooghe, Kathrin Altwegg, Hans Balsiger, J.-J. Berthelier, S.A. Fuselier, T.I. Gombosi, E. Neefs & Martin Rubin
The Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer DFMS embarked on the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission as part of the ROSINA instrument suite. It boasts a high mass resolution and a high sensitivity, which have guaranteed spectacular discoveries during Rosetta’s rendez-vous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This paper describes the DFMS data calibration procedure for determining the parent and fragment ion count rates in the neutral mode, which serve as the basis for retrieving the neutral gas densities. A...
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