Impact of BH3-mimetics on Human and Mouse Blood Leukocytes: A Comparative Study.

Lionel Rohner, Ramona Reinhart, Joseena Iype, Sofia Bachmann, Thomas Kaufmann & Michaela Fux
BH3-mimetics are small molecule inhibitors that neutralize the function of anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family members. BH3-mimetics have recently gained a lot of popularity in oncology because of their success in cancer treatment. However, BH3-mimetics might have a broader clinical application. Here, we established an ex vivo flow cytometric assay allowing the comparison of the impact of BH3-mimetics (ABT-199, ABT-263, WEHI-539, and S63845) on leukocyte populations of both, healthy human subjects and C57BL/6 J wild type mice....
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