Genetically encoded Ca2+ -sensor reveals details of porcine endothelial cell activation upon contact with human serum.

Annegret Wuensch, Petra Kameritsch, Riccardo Sfriso, Eva-Maria Jemiller, Andrea Bähr, Mayuko Kurome, Barbara Kessler, Elisabeth Kemter, Christian Kupatt, Bruno Reichart, Robert Rieben, Eckhard Wolf & Nikolai Klymiuk
The activation of the endothelial surface in xenografts is still a poorly understood process and the consequences are unpredictable. The role of Ca2+ -messaging during the activation of endothelial cells is well recognized and routinely measured by synthetic Ca2+ -sensitive fluorophors. However, these compounds require fresh loading immediately before each experiment and in particular when grown in state-of-the-art 3D cell culture systems, endothelial cells are difficult to access with such sensors. Therefore, we developed transgenic...
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