Low noise all-fiber amplification of a coherent supercontinuum at 2 µm and its limits imposed by polarization noise

Alexander M. Heidt, Joanna Modupeh Hodasi, Anupamaa Rampur, Dirk-Mathys Spangenberg, Manuel Ryser, Mariusz Klimczak & Thomas Feurer
We report a low noise, broadband, ultrafast Thulium/Holmium co‐doped all‐fiber chirped pulse amplifier, seeded by an Erbium‐fiber system spectrally broadened via coherent supercontinuum generation in an all‐normal dispersion photonic crystal fiber. The amplifier supports a − 20 dB bandwidth of more than 300 nm and delivers high quality 66 fs pulses with more than 70 kW peak power directly from the output fiber. The total relative intensity noise (RIN) integrated from 10 Hz to 20...
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