Luminal particles within cellular microtubules.

Frank Bradke, Friedrich Frischknecht, Jacques Dubochet, Mikhail Kudryashev, Boyan K Garvalov, Manuela Gruska, Wolfgang Baumeister, Marek Cyrklaff, Andrew Leis, Benoît Zuber, Cédric Bouchet-Marquis & Martin Beck
The regulation of microtubule dynamics is attributed to microtubule-associated proteins that bind to the microtubule outer surface, but little is known about cellular components that may associate with the internal side of microtubules. We used cryoelectron tomography to investigate in a quantitative manner the three dimensional structure of microtubules in intact mammalian cells. We show that the lumen of microtubules in this native state is filled with discrete, globular particles with a diameter of 7...
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