Genome-wide Association Studies Identify Genetic Loci Associated with Albuminuria in Diabetes

Alexander Teumer, Adrienne Tin, Rossella Sorice, Mathias Gorski, Nan Cher Yeo, Audrey Y Chu, Man Li, Yong Li, Vladan Mijatovic, Yi-An Ko, Daniel Taliun, Alessandro Luciani, Ming-Huei Chen, Qiong Yang, Meredith C Foster, Matthias Olden, Linda T Hiraki, Bamidele O Tayo, Christian Fuchsberger, Aida Karina Dieffenbach, Alan R Shuldiner, Albert V Smith, Allison M Zappa, Antonio Lupo, Barbara Kollerits … & Anna Köttgen
Elevated concentrations of albumin in the urine, albuminuria, are a hallmark of diabetic kidney disease and associate with increased risk for end-stage renal disease and cardiovascular events. To gain insight into the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying albuminuria, we conducted meta-analyses of genome-wide association studies and independent replication in up to 5,825 individuals of European ancestry with diabetes mellitus and up to 46,061 without diabetes, followed by functional studies. Known associations of variants in CUBN, encoding cubilin,...
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