Effects of a Psychological Internet Intervention in the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Depressive Symptoms: Results of the EVIDENT Study, a Randomized Controlled Trial

Björn Meyer, Viola Gräfe, Wolfgang Lutz, Johanna Schröder, Thomas Berger, Wolfgang Greiner, Christina Späth, Eik Vettorazzi, Kristina Fuhr, Sandra Nolte, Steffen Moritz, Bernd Löwe, Matthias Rose, Alice Arndt, Franz Caspar, Fritz Hohagen, Martin Hautzinger, Gerhard Anderssoni & Jan Philipp Klein
BACKGROUND: Mild to moderate depressive symptoms are common but often remain unrecognized and treated inadequately. We hypothesized that an Internet intervention in addition to usual care is superior to care as usual alone (CAU) in the treatment of mild to moderate depressive symptoms in adults. METHODS: This trial was controlled, randomized and assessor-blinded. Participants with mild to moderate depressive symptoms (Patient Health Questionnaire, PHQ-9, score 5-14) were recruited from clinical and non-clinical settings and randomized...
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