Functional Intestinal Bile Acid 7α-Dehydroxylation by Clostridium scindens Associated with Protection from Clostridium difficile Infection in a Gnotobiotic Mouse Model

Nicolas Studer, Lyne Desharnais, Markus Beutler, Sandrine Brugiroux, Miguel Angel Terrazos Miani, Laure Menin, Christian Schürch, Kathy D. McCoy, Sarah A. Kuehne, Nigel P. Minton, Bärbel Stecher, Rizlan Bernier-Latmani & Siegfried Hektor Hapfelmeier
Bile acids, important mediators of lipid absorption, also act as hormone-like regulators and as antimicrobial molecules. In all these functions their potency is modulated by a variety of chemical modifications catalyzed by bacteria of the healthy gut microbiota, generating a complex variety of secondary bile acids. Intestinal commensal organisms are well-adapted to normal concentrations of bile acids in the gut. In contrast, physiological concentrations of the various intestinal bile acid species play an important role...
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