Land and Soil Health Assessment in the Central Africa Humid Tropics Transect (CAFHUT) Sentinel Landscape

Bertin Takoutsing, Tor-Gunnar Vagen, Leigh Winowiecki, Denis Sonwa, Denis Nna & Zacharie Tchoundjeu
This dataset was moved to: LDSF was carried out at two-100 km2 sites within the Central Africa Humid Tropics Transect (CAFHUT) Sentinel Landscape: Etiolomo and Ayos in Cameroon. Field teams were trained by Bertin Takoutsing and field surveys were completed in April 2015. The LDSF is a spatially stratified, randomized sampling design, developed to provide a biophysical baseline at landscape level and a monitoring and evaluation framework for assessing processes of land degradation and...
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