A Hippo-like Signaling Pathway Controls Tracheal Morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster

Carol L. C. Poon, Weijie Liu, Yanjun Song, Marta Gomez, Yavuz Kulaberoglu, Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenjian Xu, Alexey Veraksa, Alexander Hergovich, Amin S. Ghabrial & Kieran F. Harvey
Hippo-like pathways are ancient signaling modules first identified in yeasts. The best-defined metazoan module forms the core of the Hippo pathway, which regulates organ size and cell fate. Hippo-like kinase modules consist of a Sterile 20-like kinase, an NDR kinase, and non-catalytic protein scaffolds. In the Hippo pathway, the upstream kinase Hippo can be activated by another kinase, Tao-1. Here, we delineate a related Hippo-like signaling module that Tao-1 regulates to control tracheal morphogenesis in...
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