Supporting Information: Membrane-less and Non-Evaporative Desalination of Hypersaline Brines by Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction

Chanhee Boo, Robert Kyongho Winton, Kelly M. Conway & Ngai Yin Yip
Hypersaline brines are of growing environmental importance but are technologically under-served by today’s desalination methods. Temperature swing solvent extraction (TSSE) is a radically different desalination technology that is membrane-less and not based on evaporative phase change. TSSE utilizes low-temperature heat and a low-polarity solvent with temperature-dependent water solubility for the selective extraction of water over salt from saline feeds. This study demonstrates TSSE desalination of high-salinity brines simulated by NaCl solutions with three amine solvents:...
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