Increase in Diarrheal Disease Associated with Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh

Jianyong Wu, Yasuyuki Akita Jahangir Alam, Alexander Van Geen, Kazi Matin Ahmed, Patricia J. Culligan, Veronica Escamilla, John Feighery, Andrew S. Ferguson, Peter Knappett, Brian J. Mailloux, Larry D. McKay, Marc L. Serre, P. Kim Streatfield, Mohammad Yunus & Michael Emch
Background: Millions of households throughout Bangladesh have been exposed to high levels of arsenic (As) causing various deadly diseases by drinking groundwater from shallow tubewells for the past 30 years. Well testing has been the most effective form of mitigation because it has induced massive switching from tubewells that are high (>50 µg/L) in As to neighboring wells that are low in As. A recent study has shown, however, that shallow low-As wells are more...
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