Modeling the MJO in a cloud‐resolving model with parameterized large‐scale dynamics: Vertical structure, radiation, and horizontal advection of dry air

Shuguang Wang, Adam H. Sobel & Ji Nie
Two Madden‐Julian Oscillation (MJO) events, observed during October and November 2011 in the equatorial Indian Ocean during the DYNAMO field campaign, are simulated in a limited‐area cloud‐resolving model using parameterized large‐scale dynamics. Three parameterizations of large‐scale dynamics—the conventional weak temperature gradient (WTG) approximation, vertical mode‐based spectral WTG (SWTG), and damped gravity wave coupling (DGW)—are employed. A number of changes to the implementation of the large‐scale parameterizations, as well as the model itself, are made and...
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