Targeting the CaMKII/ERK Interaction in the Heart Prevents Cardiac Hypertrophy

Ersilia Cipolletta, Maria Rosaria Rusciano, Angela Serena Maione, Gaetano Santulli, Daniela Sorriento, Carmine Del Giudice, Michele Ciccarelli, Antonietta Franco, Catherine Crola, Pietro Campiglia, Marina Sala, Isabel Gomez-Monterrey, Nicola De Luca, Bruno Trimarco, Guido Iaccarino & Maddalena Illario
AIMS: Activation of Ca2+/Calmodulin protein kinase II (CaMKII) is an important step in signaling of cardiac hypertrophy. The molecular mechanisms by which CaMKII integrates with other pathways in the heart are incompletely understood. We hypothesize that CaMKII association with extracellular regulated kinase (ERK), promotes cardiac hypertrophy through ERK nuclear localization. METHODS AND RESULTS: In H9C2 cardiomyoblasts, the selective CaMKII peptide inhibitor AntCaNtide, its penetratin conjugated minimal inhibitory sequence analog tat-CN17β, and the MEK/ERK inhibitor UO126...
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