Feeding intensity of insect herbivores is associated more closely with key metabolite profiles than phylogenetic relatedness of their potential hosts

Carole Rapo, Urs Schaffner, Sanford Eigenbrode, Hariet Hinz, William Price, Matthew Morra, John Gaskin & Mark Schwarzlaender
There are four files: Rapo_et al_Glucosinolates _RawData.csv Columns: Plant Species, Population ID, Ind# (plant), Y/O (young/old leaf), Label (internal code), subset (internal code), Glc Weight (weight of tissue extracted), Names of glucosinolates (columns J-AJ) with values in ┬Ámol, Total = sum of columns J-AJ Rapo_et al_Glucosinolate Distances_young leaves.csv Distance matrix based on similarity of mean glucosinolate profiles for all species used to calculate dendrogram. Methods as in Rapo et al. Rapo_et al_Glucosinolate Distances_old leaves.csv Distance...
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