Using Computer-extracted Image Phenotypes from Tumors on Breast MRI to Predict Stage

Elizabeth Morris, Elizabeth Burnside, Gary Whitman, Margarita Zuley, Ermelinda Bonaccio, Marie Ganott, Elizabeth Sutton, Jose Net, Kathy Brandt, Hui Li, Karen Drukker, Chuck Perou & Maryellen L. Giger
At the time of our study, 108 cases with breast MRI data were available in the TCGA-BRCA collection. In order to minimize variations in image quality across the multi-institutional cases we included only breast MRI studies acquired on GE 1.5 Tesla magnet strength scanners (GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee,Wisconsin, USA) scanners, yielding a total of 93 cases. We then excluded cases that had missing images in the dynamic sequence (1 patient), or at the time did...
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