Data from QIBA CT-1C

Charles Fenimore, Michael F. McNitt-Gray, David Clunie, Marios A. Gavrielides, Nicholas Petrick, Ehsan Samei, Baiyu Chen, Ganesh Saiprasad, Joseph Jen-Sho Chen, Kirsten Boedeker, Heather Chen-Mayer, Julie Barudin, Bernard Beute, Kevin Byrne, George Edeburn, Steven Kaplan, Joyce Sherman & Katherine Slazak
The QIBA CT-1C phantom collection was designed and shared to assist in Characterizing Variability, sans Biology. This data set was contributed by RSNA's Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance activity, Volumetric CT Group 1C. Multiple image sets of the same phantoms were re-scanned across centers to isolate contributors to variability. The goal was to determine necessary control conditions to be documented in QIBA profiles, ensuring that the output for imaging when performed under these conditions will be...
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