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The Relationship Among the Contributing Factors to Anorexia Nervosa

Stephanie S. Plunkett & David M. Stein
Anorexia nervosa is now being viewed as a multidimensional disorder in terms of predisposing factors such as genetics, biology, and environment. Results from twin studies suggest that part of a susceptibility to AN may lie in genetic factors (Holland et al., 1984, 1988; Treasure and Holland, 1991). However, the nature of a genetic contribution, if any, remains unclear. Neurochemical alterations have been found to be associated with AN, but it is difficult to assess what...

Cross Cultural Understanding Through Language

Shaun Bradley Roundy
Much has been done to discover the place that language holds in the development of our communication and thought patterns. The methods through which members of various societies learn different attitudes and how their respective languages reflect and reinforce such patterns have also been studied in some depth with a number of world cultures. The interpersonal barriers and misunderstandings brought about by the dissimilarities between unconscious but powerful forces that culture has upon our thinking...

A Harrogate Mystery

Laura Urness
A short story by Laura Urness.

Valuing Diversity in Business

Kimberly Nalder
The purpose of this project was to create, plan, and implement an original instructional module on the topic of valuing diversity in business. My areas of emphasis were gender, sex role issues, and communication. My responsibilities included: coordination with the instructor in all stages of planning and implementation; researching appropriate learning models for such a course; identifying topics of greatest significance within diversity; preparing and presenting one complete day of instruction; adapting cases and worksheets...

The Roles of Mechanical Stress and Ethylene in Clinostat-Induced Leaf Epinasty and Gravitropic Response of Dicot Shoots

Raymond M. Wheeler
Aminoethoxyvinyl glycine (AVG) and silver thiosulfate, antagonists of ethylene biosynthesis and action in plants, both delayed onset of leaf epinasty in Xanthium strumarium L. (cocklebur) plants rotated on horizontal clinostats. Xanthium plants mechanically stressed by continuous horizontal or vertical shaking, or continuous twisting back and forth, did not develop any significant epinasty, while plants inverted every 20 minutes (upside down half the time) did develop epinasty. From this it appears that clinostat-induced epinasty is a...

Effects of Student Self-Management on Generalization of Student Performance to Regular Classes

Lloyd Douglas Peterson
The use of a student self-monitoring and self-rating/teacher matching strategy to assist generalization of social skills use and decrease off-task behavior of five inner-city at-risk middle school students was investigated. A multiple-baseline design was used to assess the effects of the intervention in up to six different class settings. Results indicated that the self-monitoring and self-rating/teacher matching intervention led to an increase in correct social skills use and a decrease in off-task behaviors with all...

Use of Landsat Imagery and Geographical Information Systems in the Assessment of Rangeland Cover and Wildlife Habitat

Mary Hunnicutt
The first chapter of this thesis reviews applications of satellite remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS) in wildlife studies. The simpler uses of remote sensing are for habitat mapping, often using satellite imagery classified for other natural resources. More sophisticated applications incorporate remotely sensed data into a GIS for the digital manipulation of data planes. The most advanced applications are those which use remote sensing and GIS in models predicting habitat quality or population...

Determinants of Small Rodent Distribution and Abundance in a Shrub-Steppe Ecosystem: Influences of Seeds, Ants and Shrubs

Linda Suzanne Broome
This study had two major objectives; firstly to test the hypothesis of ongoing competition for seeds between small rodents and harvester ants, Pogonomyrmex occidental is, in a cold desert ecosystem; secondly to elucidate how seed abundance and shrub cover influence the distribution and abundance of deer mice, Peromyscus maniculatus. The study area was a sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) dominated shrubsteppe in southwestern Wyoming. Responses of the small mammal community to ant removal and food addition were...

Variational Principles of Fluid Mechanics and Electromagnetism: Imposition and Neglect of the Lin Constraint

Ross Roundy Jr. Allen
Variational principles in classical fluid mechanics and electromagnetism have sprinkled the literature since the eighteenth century. Even so, no adequate variational principle in the Eulerian description of matter was had until 1968 when an Eulerian variational principle was introduced which reproduces Euler's equation of fluid dynamics. Although it successfully produces the appropriate equation of motion for a perfect fluid, the variational principle requires imposition of a constraint which was not fully understood at the time...

Epigenetic Reprogramming, Apoptosis, and Developmental Competence in Cloned Embryos

Laura A. Moley
Cloning through somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) remains highly inefficient twenty years after the first demonstration of the technology with the birth of Dolly. By increasing efficiency by selecting the embryos early in development that are most likely to succeed following transfer into a surrogate mother, the technology could be more routinely utilized to enhance animal agriculture production. SCNT is believed to be highly inefficient as a result of incorrect DNA methylation and gene expression...

Social Media Use During Crisis Events: A Mixed-Method Analysis of Information Sources and Their Trustworthiness

Apoorva Chauhan
This dissertation consists of three studies that examine online communications during crisis events. The first study identified and examined the information sources that provided official information online during the 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire. Specifically, after the wildfire, a set of webpages and social media accounts were discovered that were named after the wildfire—called Crisis Named Resources (or CNRs). CNRs shared the highest percentage of wildfire-relevant information. Because CNRs are named after a crisis event, they...

Synthesis and Biological Studies of Amphiphilic Compounds Derived from Saccharides and Aminoglycosides

Madher N. Alfindee
Adjacent cells communicate through gap junctions (GJs). These GJs are formed by head to head docking of two hemichannels (HCs) from two adjacent cells. HCs are connexin hexamer proteins. Connexin mutation is the most frequent cause of childhood hearing loss. This hearing impairment affects 2 in every 2000 children. Inhibition of the HCs might be the key factor to treat such disorders. A library of amphiphilic kanamycins was synthesized to be tested as HC inhibitors....

Couple Recovery from Problematic Pornography Use: A Phenomenological Study of Change Moments and Common Factors

Travis J. Spencer
Pornography use has been reported to have harmful effects on relationships and individuals. However, research on effective treatment for problematic pornography use (PPU) is limited. This manuscript reviews the previous treatment literature for PPU and highlights the gaps that need further study. Then, I discuss how I performed a qualitative study of 11 couples who had successfully been treated for PPU in order to analyze the key mechanisms of change that were employed in their...

Development and Validation of an Agricultural Literacy Instrument Using the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes

M. Rose Judd-Murray
This study was conducted to develop a standardized agricultural literacy assessment using the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALOs) as benchmarks. The need for such an assessment was born out of previous research, which found that despite numerous programs dedicated to improving agricultural literacy, many students and adults remain at low or very low levels of literacy. Low literacy levels lead to negative associations with the production and processing of food, clothing, and shelter, as well...

Using Tree-Ring Growth and Stable Isotopes to Explore Ponderosa Pine Ecophysiological Responses to Climate Variability and the 2012-2015 California Drought

Rachel M. Keen
Climate warming in recent decades has resulted in more frequent and severe drought events in the western United States. These changes are projected to continue, making it exceedingly important to understand how forests respond to severe drought stress, and how we can manage these forests to reduce mortality during future events. The 2012-2015 California drought is a recent example of a severe, multi-year drought that was coupled with an epidemic-scale outbreak of western pine beetle,...

Linkage of Climate Diagnostics in Predictions for Crop Production: Cold Impacts in Taiwan and Thailand

Parichart Promchote
This research presents three case studies of low temperature anomalies that occurred during the winter–spring seasons and their influence on extreme events and crop production. We investigate causes and effects of each climate event and developed prediction methods for crops based on the climate diagnostic information. The first study diagnosed the driven environmental-factors, including climate pattern, climate change, soils moisture, and sea level height, associated with the 2011 great flood in Thailand and resulting total...

Control and Stability of Upper Stage Launch Vehicle With Hybrid Arc-Ignition Attitude Control System

Steven Russell Bennett
The Utah State University Propulsion Research Laboratory (USUPRL) has recently made significant developments in the area of hybrid rocket systems. This type of propulsion system incorporates a solid fuel and a gas or liquid oxidizer. Hybrid rocket systems are known for their inherent safety, reliability, and restart capability. Over the last several years, the USUPRL has successfully built and tested a hybrid rocket system comprising acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic and gaseous oxygen (GOX). The...

Characterization of Biofilms in a Synthetic Rhizosphere Using Hollow Fiber Root-Mimetic Systems

Michelle Bonebrake
The area around a plant’s roots hosts a complex and diverse microbial community. This environment can include a large number of bacteria that live on the surface of the root and benefit from the nutrients that the roots exude into the soil. These microbes can in turn be beneficial to the plant by protecting the roots from harmful fungi or stressful environmental conditions such as drought. In this thesis, several root-mimetic systems (RMSs) were developed...

Health Care Provider Recruitment and Retention in Millard County, Utah

Ronald T. Draper
Millard County, Utah, rural and sparsely populated, continues to experience challenges in recruiting and retaining primary health care providers. My study addressed the lack of a rigorous and systemic analysis of this problem by collecting and analyzing data from a series of semi-structured interviews conducted between January and March 2019. These interviews were with nineteen of the twenty-four known health care providers who began practice in the county from the mid 1980s to 2018, as...

Eared Grebe Nesting Ecology and Chronology Along the Great Salt Lake, Utah

Leah M. Delahoussaye
Eared Grebes (Podiceps nigricollis) are migratory birds that build their nests over water and in large groups called colonies. Their typical breeding range is in central southern Canada and northern United States; however, a previously uncertain number of Eared Grebes (grebes) also nest around the Great Salt Lake (GSL), Utah, at the southern edge of their breeding range. Little is known about the habitat requirements for grebe nesting colonies at such low latitudes and if...

Electronic Transmutation: An Aid for the Rational Design of New Chemical Materials Using the Knowledge of Bonding and Structure of Neighboring Elements

Katie A. Lundell
Everything in the universe is made up of elements from the periodic table. Each element has its own role that it plays in the formation of things it makes up. For instance, pencil lead is graphite. A series of honeycomb-like structures made up of carbon stacked on top of one another. Carbon’s neighbor to the left, boron doesn’t like to form such stacked honeycomb-like structures. But, what if there was a way to make boron...

The Red Front Door, A Memoir

Camila B. Sanabria
This is a creative thesis that contains two components: 1) a critical introduction that defends the representation of mixed-status families and deportation narratives, and 2) a memoir that depicts my experience with deportation and as a member of a mixed-status family. The second component of this thesis will consist of the first four chapters of my memoir, with the remaining chapters to be completed post-graduation. These chapters take place the years before my parents’ deportation...

Mao’s War on Women: The Perpetuation of Gender Hierarchies Through Yin-Yang Cosmology in the Chinese Communist Propaganda of the Mao Era, 1949-1976

Al D. Roberts
The Chinese Communist Party established the People’s Republic of China in 1949 with the intention of creating a social utopia with equality between the sexes and China’s diverse ethnic groups. However, by portraying gender, ethnicity, and politics in propaganda along the lines of yin and yang, the Party perpetuated a situation of oppression for women and minorities.

Quantifying the Predictability of Evolution at the Genomic Level in Lycaeides Butterflies

Samridhi Chaturvedi
Stephen Jay Gould, a great scientist and evolutionary biologist, suggested that if we could replay the tape of life, we would not have observed similar course of events because evolution is stochastic and is affected by several events. Since then, the possibility that evolution is repeatable or predictable has been debated. Studies using large-scale evolution experiments, long-term data for individual populations, and controlled experiments in nature, have demonstrated phenotypic and genetic convergence in several taxa....

Crypto-Jewish Identity in the Inquisition of Mexico City

Suzanne E. Skinner
This thesis studies identity among a group of Roman Catholic converts and accused heretics in Mexico City, called Crypto-Jews. The areas of identity that were examined in depth were, religious identity, gender identity, and racial identity. The records that exist for Crypto-Jews in Mexico City are limited but can be found among the records of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. In order to study the documents of the Office of the Inquisition in Mexico...

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