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Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Responses to Pivotal Teaching Moments

Kami M. Dupree
This study used a multiple case study design to explore the occurrence of pivotal teaching moments, teachers’ responses to these moments, and teachers’ own perceptions of the impact of these moments on their own knowledge development. The participants were six practicing secondary mathematics teachers. The researcher collected data from teacher created lesson plan outlines, observations of the same lesson delivered to two different classes, participant interviews, and teacher reflection journals. The researcher reviewed the lesson...

Computational and Experimental Studies on Energy Storage Materials and Electrocatalysts

Jared B. Moss
With the growing global population comes the ever-increasing consumption of energy in powering cities, electric vehicles, and portable devices such as cell-phones. While the power grid is used to distribute energy to consumers, the energy sources needed to power the grid itself are unsustainable and inefficient. The primary energy sources powering the grid, being fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear, are unsustainable as the economically-accessible reserves are continually depleted in exchange for detrimental emissions and...

The Rise of Populist Rhetoric and the Mainstreaming of a Party? Testing the Rhetorical Shifts Between Front National’s Presidents Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen

Muriel C. McGregor
Populist movements have been on the rise across Europe and the Americas. In France, the far right-wing party, Le Front National, has experienced recent growth in electoral success. Scholars of the Front National have in part attributed the party’s success to its increased use of populist rhetoric. This thesis examines the populist rhetoric used between the Front National’s past president Jean-Marie Le Pen and current president Marine Le Pen in order to test these scholarly...

Query AutoAwesome

Chetna Suryavanshi
This research investigates how to improve legacy queries. Legacy queries are queries that programmers have coded and are used in applications. A database application typically has tens to hundreds of such queries. One way to improve legacy queries is to add new, interesting queries that are similar to or based on the set of queries. We propose Query AutoAwesome, a tool to generate new queries from legacy queries. The Query AutoAwesome philosophy is taken from...

Urban Alaskan Moose: An Analysis of Factors Associated with Moose-Vehicle Collisions

Lucian R. McDonald
As human populations continue to grow and encroach into wildlife habitats, instances of human-wildlife conflict are on the rise. Increasing numbers of reported wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVCs) provide tangible evidence of anthropogenic impacts on wildlife as well as increasing threats to human health and safety. Increasing WVCs are of particular concern, especially those involving large-bodied ungulates such as moose (Alces spp.), because of the increased risk of property damage, personal injuries, and human fatalities. Motorists directly...

Workshop on Convergence in Biological Engineering

Keith Roper

Ecosystem Functioning of Great Salt Lake Wetlands

Maya Cassidy Pendleton
The Great Salt Lake (GSL) wetlands account for ~75% of all Utah wetlands and provide not only critical habitat for millions of migratory birds, but also provide valuable ecosystem functions and services as well as economic benefits to Utahns. However, these wetlands are facing an aggressive invader, Phragmites australis, that has spreading across the GSL wetlands and replacing native wetland habitats. Wetland managers have spent countless resources and time trying to control the spread of...

Optical Gas Imaging Survey of Oil and Gas Wells in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Seth Lyman, Tran Trang & Marc L Mansfield
This is a dataset of oil and gas well pads which were surveyed for hydrocarbon emissions with an optical gas imaging camera deployed from the ground at pad edges. The data are described thoroughly in a peer-reviewed paper: Lyman S., Tran, T., Mansfield, M. Ravikumar, A., 2019. Aerial and Ground-Based Optical Gas Imaging Survey of Uinta Basin Oil and Gas Wells. These are example videos collected during a hydrocarbon emissions survey of oil and gas...

Using a Noticing Framework in a Mathematics Methods Course

Diana Moss & Lisa Poling
A noticing framework was introduced to prospective teachers (PTs) as a tool to use for analyzing student work. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of PTs’ use of a noticing framework for: 1) interpreting students’ mathematical thinking; and 2) reflecting on and discussing future implications for teaching. The study also sought to determine where PTs needed, if any, further support in engaging in the process of noticing. Using a coding schema...

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