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Data from: Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacts on sea turtles could span the Atlantic

Nathan F. Putman, F. Alberto Abreu-Grobois, Iñaky Iturbe-Darkistade, Emily M. Putman, Paul M. Richards & Philippe Verley
We investigated the extent that the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill potentially affected oceanic-stage sea turtles from populations across the Atlantic. Within an ocean-circulation model, particles were backtracked from the Gulf of Mexico spill site to determine the probability of young turtles arriving in this area from major nesting beaches. The abundance of turtles in the vicinity of the oil spill was derived by forward-tracking particles from focal beaches and integrating population size, oceanic-stage duration...

Data from: Local adaptation in transgenerational responses to predators

Matthew R. Walsh, Todd Castoe, Julian Holmes, Michelle Packer, Kelsey Biles, Melissa Walsh, Stephan B. Munch & David M. Post
Environmental signals can induce phenotypic changes that span multiple generations. Along with phenotypic responses that occur during development (i.e., ‘within-generation’ plasticity), such ‘transgenerational plasticity’ (TGP) has been documented in a diverse array of taxa spanning many environmental perturbations. New theory predicts that temporal stability is a key driver of the evolution of TGP. We tested this prediction using natural populations of zooplankton from lakes in Connecticut that span a large gradient in the temporal dynamics...

Endangered Species Act Section 7 Formal Consultation for the Imnamatnoon Road 568 Road Repair Project, Idaho County, Idaho, Imnamatnoon Creek Watershed, HUC 1706030302

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2018-00022

Regulatory Amendment 16: Changes to the Seasonal Closure for the Black Sea Bass Pot Sector

Chip Collier, Brian Cheuvront, Heather Blough, Gregg Waugh, Jack McGovern, Kari MacLauchlin, Michael Jepson, Rick DeVictor & Tony Lamberte

Framework: Modifications to Commercial Permit Restrictions for King and Spanish Mackerel

Ryan Rindone, Kari MaLauchlin, Rich Malinowski, Karla Gore, Assane Diagne, John Hadley, Ava Lasseter, David Records, Christina Package-Ward & Mike Larkin

National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion on the 2018 Virgin Islands Water Quality Standards

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; OPR-2017-00019

ESA Section 7 Biological Opinion and MSA EFH Response for Issuance of Scientific Research and Enhancement Permit 18116 for field planting and research on white abalone

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; WCRO-2019-01993

Endangered Species Act Section 7(a)(2) Biological Opinion Deepening and Maintenance of the Delaware River Federal Navigation Channel GARFO-2019-01942

ESA Section 7 Consultation ; GARFO-2019-01942

US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Marine Mammal Stock Assessments - 2017: (Second Edition)

Sean A. (Sean Arthur) Hayes, Elizabeth Josephson, Katherine Maze-Foley, Patricia E. Rosel, Barbie L. Byrd, Samuel Chavez-Rosales, Timothy V. N. Cole, Laura Engleby, 1970- Preston, Joshua M Hatch, Allison Henry, Stacey C. Harstman, J. Litz, Marjorie Lyssikatos, Keith (Keith D.) Mullin, Christopher Orphanides, Richard M. Pace, Debra L. Palka, Melissa S. Soldevilla & Frederick W. Wenzel
NOAA technical memorandum NMFS-NE ; 245

Cruise Report Oscar Elton Sette, Cruise SE-13-06

PIFSC project report ; Cruise SE-13-06

Resource Survey Report Bottom Trawl Survey Cape Hatteras – Gulf of Maine 3 September – 14 November 2019 NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow (FSV 225)

Philip J. Politis

Historical dynamics of the demersal fish community in the East and South China Seas

Jin Gao, James Thorson, Cody Szuwalski & Hui-Yu Wang
Taiwan has a long history of fishery operations and contributes significantly to global fishery harvest. The East and South China seas are important fishing grounds with very limited public data. More efforts are needed to digitize and analyze historical catch rate data to illuminate species and community changes in this region. In this study, we digitize historical records of catch and effort from government fishery reports for nine commercial species caught by otter trawl, reported...

NOAA Fisheries Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program - Cook Inlet & Kodiak Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines

Jennifer Dushane, Michael Ziccardi, Wright, Sarah Margaret Wilkin, Mandy Migura & Teresa K. Rowles

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