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Tunable nano-plasmonic metamaterials at solid-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces

Ye Ma
Metamaterials have demonstrated their unusual optical properties, ranging from negative refractive index to optical nonlinearity. Real-time adjustment of these properties becomes critical for the next generation of ‘smart’ optical devices. In this thesis, different methods for actively tuning the structure and output of metamaterials are demonstrated. These metamaterials consist of metallic nanoparticles (NPs) at solid-liquid interfaces (SLIs) and liquid-liquid interfaces (LLIs). Electrically, the assembly of gold NPs at a SLI is reversibly controlled by changing...

Looking beyond the leaves and understanding the roots: sustainability assessment and monitoring of planted forests for biomass production in Brazil

Manuela De Moraes Czinar
Whereas most of the recent literature is concerned about the output legitimacy of planted forests, this thesis focus on the input legitimacy. The novel framework proposed in this thesis uses association membership and technical support as indicators of the sustainable expansion of planted forests from the lens of input legitimacy. This framework was based on the results of the grounded theory method applied to semi-structured interviews carried out with stakeholders in Brazil. Quantitative data were...

Benthic organic matter of Welsh upland rivers in response to organic matter addition (2013)

I. Durance, H.B. Feeley, S.J. Ormerod, M.C. Pye, G. Woodward & C. Gutierrez-Canovas
These data are benthic organic matter stocks of coarse and fine particulate organic matter in eight Welsh upland rivers with contrasting land-use, moorland and exotic conifer, in response to riparian deciduous leaf addition. Eight sampling reaches were chosen at two sites, Llyn Brianne (4 reaches) and Plynlimon (4 reaches). The experiment consisted of adding deciduous leaves to half of the reaches whilst the other half were maintained as a control (no addition of deciduous leaves)....

Macroinvertebrate composition of Welsh upland rivers in response to organic matter addition (2013)

I. Durance, H.B. Feeley, M.C. Pye, S.J. Ormerod, G. Woodward & C. Gutierrez-Canovas
These data are macroinvertebrate composition and size in eight Welsh upland rivers with contrasting land-use, moorland and exotic conifer, in response to riparian deciduous leaf addition. Eight sampling reaches were chosen at two sites, Llyn Brianne (4 reaches) and Plynlimon (4 reaches). The experiment consisted of adding deciduous leaves to half of the reaches whilst the other half were maintained as a control (no addition of deciduous leaves). To characterise the benthic macroinvertebrate communities of...

Taxonomy for macroinvertebrates in Welsh upland rivers (2012-2013)

I. Durance, S.J. Ormerod, H.B. Feeley, G. Woodward, K. Layer & C. Gutierrez-Canovas
These data are for macroinvertebrate taxonomy and abundance of Welsh upland rivers. The sampling sites were located in small and medium catchments across Wales. Sampling took place in either spring 2013 for sites in the Wye catchment or during 2012 for the other catchments. At each sampling point, 2-minute kick-samples were taken from river riffles to represent macroinvertebrate composition. Samples were preserved in industrial methylated spirit on site. Samples were then sorted and identified in...

Identifying host-pathogen interactions which cause severe malaria

Athina Georgiadou
Infectious diseases pathogenesis is dependent on the interactions between the host and the pathogen. Being able to simultaneously assess the transcriptomes of both host and pathogen as we have shown here, using dual RNA sequencing of whole blood from Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients, can reveal these crucial interactions. Using Gambian children samples we tried to unravel the mechanisms leading to severe malaria. The main finding was the clear involvement of neutrophil related genes in severe...

Sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification and parameter estimation for a numerical tide and storm surge model

Simon Charles Warder
Storm surges pose a significant hazard to coastal communities worldwide. Accurate and reliable storm surge numerical models, combined with an understanding of model uncertainties, are therefore vital. In this work, an adjoint-capable numerical coastal ocean model, Thetis, is extended and used to perform a sensitivity analysis for a hindcast case study in the North Sea, revealing the spatial patterns of the sensitivity of modelled surges to three model inputs. These sensitivities are used to gain...

Digital 3D models and measurements of avian brain cavity, blood vessel and nerve endocasts

S. A. Walsh, A. N. Iwaniuk, M. A. Knoll, E. Bourdon, P. M. Barrett, A. Milner, R. Nudds, R. L. Abel & P. Dello Sterpaio
This dataset comprises cast reconstructions of brain cavity space in 60 extant avian species, derived from X-ray micro computed-tomography scan image stacks. Each reconstruction was made using Materialise Mimics 14.11 to create volumetric models (brain cavity casts) that were then transformed into the polygon mesh stereolithograph (STL) files archived here. Brain cavity cast models are in most cases accompanied by casts of main vascular features (e.g., carotid arteries) and the olfactory nerves (CN I). A...

The role of the general stress response in staphylococcal survival during exposure to host immune defences and antibiotics

Nishanthy Ranganathan
Persistent staphylococcal bacteraemia remains an important and frequent cause of morbidity and mortality, despite the availability of apparently effective antimicrobial therapy. Antibiotic tolerance is poorly characterised since despite bacteria being able able to survive prolonged antibiotic exposure without the acquisition of resistance mutations, they are found to be sensitive to antibiotics in vitro. SigB is a global regulator involved in the response of staphylococcal bacteria against acid, heat, salt and alcohol stresses. The majority of...

Supporting data for the paper 'Small-scale capillary heterogeneity linked to rapid plume migration during CO2 storage' by S.J. Jackson and S. Krevor 2020

Samuel Jackson & Samuel Krevor
Herein lies the supporting data for the paper 'Small-scale capillary heterogeneity linked to rapid plume migration during CO2 storage'. We supply experimental, analytical and numerical simulation data used in the paper. The supplied zipped folders follow the same order as the main paper, with codes to reproduce each figure (and those in the supporting information PDF). There are also video files (in the 5_Field_scale_simulation zipped folder) showing the final CO2 plume evolution from the static...

High-resolution satellite-gauge merged precipitation climatologies of the tropical Andes

B. Manz, W. Buytaert, Z. Zulkafli, W. Lavado, B. Willems, A. Robles L. & J.-P. Rodríguez Sánchez
A set of 130 digital precipitation maps of the tropical Andes, covering Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at a 5km resolution. The maps represent different realizations of mean precipitation totals of the period 1981-2010 using different satellite-gauge merging methods. The work draws on a large database of 723 rain gauges and the full 5km Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Precipitation Radar (TPR) record from 1998 to 2014. Each map is approximately 1MB

XI(L) - M062X as per Table S5

Charles ROMAIN
Gaussian Calculation

OC: Reactant, C-C bond formation with di-isopropyl amine present Cl-R,S-S-prolinol =C-Cl -2861.856192

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

The Th17 pathway in Cystic Fibrosis lung disease

Hui-Leng Tan
In contrast to the neutrophilic inflammation found in the airway lumen, lymphocytes predominate in the airway wall of Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. The Th17 pathway could play an important role in CF, as IL-17, secreted by Th17 lymphocytes, is proinflammatory, stimulates neutrophil recruitment and has been detected in CF sputum. This thesis investigates the hypothesis that T lymphocytes, in particular Th17 lymphocytes, are present in the CF airway wall and activation of the Th17 pathway...

On delamination directionality and migration in laminated composites

Carla Canturri Gispert
Delamination is recognised as the most critical damage process in laminated composites under compressive or bending loading conditions and managing this failure mode has been key to using composites in primary structures. However, predictive modelling of delamination growth has been limited, since even a simple, single plane defect can result in multiplane delamination growth which is often associated to other secondary processes such as intralaminar or translaminar damage. The objective of this thesis has been...

PET studies in Parkinson’s Disease Dyskinesias and Dementia

Imtiaz Ahmed
Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world. The initial motor symptoms are well controlled with replacement therapy with levodopa. Slowly over time the patients run into problems both due to the inexorable progression of the disease and also due to complications of the drugs itself. The two most common disabling complications that are difficult to treat are levodopa-induced-dyskinesias and dementia. Although there have been extensive research, the pathophysiology of both...

1,4 shift with N-Me, 2H2O + HCl + acetyl, TS G=-1049.165047 ΔG=14.7 (ΔG 15.9 relative to N4 prot) IRC

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

Development of High Strain Rate Mechanical Testing for Metallic Materials

Michael Cox
Recent developments of high strain rate servo-hydraulic systems and high speed video imaging equipment have made the simple tensile test covering the quasi-static to dynamic range possible. However, obtaining reliable material data from the raw data produced from such tests requires a good understanding of the unique set of problems this testing technique can present. Tensile tests covering the quasi-static to 760 s-1 strain rate range were performed on Oxygen Free Electrolytic (OFE) copper, Al...

Diazomethane, CASSCF(14,14)/Def2-TZVPP WFN

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

Queueing network models of zoned RAID system performance

Abigail Lebrecht
RAID systems are widely deployed, both as standalone storage solutions and as the building blocks of modern virtualised storage platforms. An accurate model of RAID system performance is therefore critical towards fulfilling quality of service constraints for fast, reliable storage. This thesis presents techniques and tools that model response times in zoned RAID systems. The inputs to this analysis are a specified I/O request arrival rate, an I/O request access profile, a given RAID configuration...


Simon Clifford
This should work

Asthma induced exacerbation of bacterial pneumonia.

Maryam Habibzay
Asthma and bacterial pneumonias are major causes of human mortality and morbidity throughout the world. To date many studies have investigated the possibility that bacteria exacerbate asthma but only a handful consider that asthma may cause bacterial infections. Recent clinical evidence suggests that bacterial infections cause serious complications in patients with asthma and that asthmatics show a 2-fold increased risk of invasive pneumococcal disease. This thesis examines the molecular mechanisms causing susceptibility of house dust...

Spatiotemporal visual analysis of human actions

Antonios Oikonomopoulos
In this dissertation we propose four methods for the recognition of human activities. In all four of them, the representation of the activities is based on spatiotemporal features that are automatically detected at areas where there is a significant amount of independent motion, that is, motion that is due to ongoing activities in the scene. We propose the use of spatiotemporal salient points as features throughout this dissertation. The algorithms presented, however, can be used...

Distributed optimisation in dynamic wireless sensor networks

Shusen Yang
Over the past decade, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have evolved into a hot interdisciplinary research area. WSNs are generally considered to be statically deployed, but in reality they are dynamic in nature due to a variety of characteristics including fluctuating wireless link quality and clock drift. Furthermore, new WSN topologies and applications have introduced more dynamics, such as time-varying power resources, data traffic patterns, and mobile sensing. These dynamics pose challenges to the theoretical understanding...

Soil microbial interactions affecting enteric pathogen survival in sewage sludge-amended agricultural soil

Felipe Perez Viana
The natural inactivation of enteric pathogens in soil is a critical component of the multi-barrier approach to prevent infectious disease in humans by enteric microorganisms when biosolids are used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner on agricultural land. The addition of biosolids to agricultural soil modifies the soil microbial community and ecological interactions. Ecological processes, especially the activities of predatory protozoa, may have a critical role in reducing the survival of enteric pathogenic bacteria when...

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