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Partial Hasse invariants, partial degrees and the canonical subgroup

S Bijakowski
If the Hasse invariant of a $p$-divisible group is small enough, then one can construct a canonical subgroup inside its $p$-torsion. We remark that, assuming the existence of a subgroup of adequate height in the $p$-torsion whose dual has small degree, the expected properties of the canonical subgroup can be easily proven. A fundamental relation is the equality between the Hasse invariant and the degree of the dual of the canonical subgroup. When one considers...

LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Conceptual Design Report

TLZ Collaboration, DS Akerib, CW Akerlof, DY Akimov, SK Alsum, HM Araújo, X Bai, AJ Bailey, J Balajthy, S Balashov, MJ Barry, W-Z Wei, M While, DT White, TJ Whitis, WJ Wisniewski, MS Witherell, FLH Wolfs, E Woods, D Woodward, R Bramante, W Lorenzon, SD Worm, M Yeh, J Yin … & RC Webb
The design and performance of the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) detector is described as of March 2015 in this Conceptual Design Report. LZ is a second-generation dark-matter detector with the potential for unprecedented sensitivity to weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) of masses from a few GeV/c2 to hundreds of TeV/c2. With total liquid xenon mass of about 10 tonnes, LZ will be the most sensitive experiment for WIMPs in this mass region by the end of the...

Imperial College London ORCID project

TF Reimer
In 2014 Imperial College London became a member of ORCID. A cross-College project was set up to issue all academic and research staff with ORCID iDs, under the framework of the College’s Open Access Project. The ORCID project identified 764 existing iDs linked to College staff and created 3,226 new ones. Within seven weeks from ORCID creation, 1,155 academics had logged into their ORCID accounts and linked them to Symplectic Elements, the College’s publication management...

Virtual Research Environment Collaborative Landscape Study

TF Reimer & A Carusi

Imperial College London Submission to the RCUK Review on Open Access

TF Reimer
This report summarises the progress Imperial College London has made in the implementa-tion of the RCUK policy on Open Access for the period 1st April 2013 – 31st July 2014. It de-tails the expenditure made from the RCUK block grant allocation, and responds to the ques-tions raised in RCUK’s call for evidence.

Holdup and Comparative Advantage

R Friberg & K Tinn
We consider a setting where fims need to make irreversible investments to exploit a countrys comparative advantage. Firms are then susceptible to ex-post rent extraction by a transit country or by other agents that are able to limit access to world markets. We develop a general equilibrium model where this potential holdup problem makes such countries poorer and less likely to invest in technology that generates their comparative advantage. The predictions of the model are...

Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of genetically modified animals

This document provides guidance for the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of living genetically modified (GM) animals, namely fish, insects and mammals and birds, to be placed on the European Union (EU) market in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 or Directive 2001/18/EC. It provides guidance for assessing potential effects of GM animals on animal and human health and the environment and the rationales for data requirements for a comprehensive ERA. The ERA should be carried...

Contrast effects on sequence assessments - a thesis

Z Ni
Loewenstein and his colleagues found divergent preferences for outcomes assessed in isolation versus those embedded in a sequence, i.e. discounting isolated future outcomes versus preferences for increasing and constant sequences. They also found long intervals (i.e. the difference between time delays) rather than long time delays (i.e. the temporal distance from the present) had a detrimental effect on preference for improvement. This thesis proposes a descriptive model of sequence preferences, namely the contrasts model, which...

FRET data of PLCe

P French, A Margineanu & M Katan

Benzene 5A1g UCCSD/Def2-TZVPP Kekule B2u mode = 1572 cm-1 (two paired, four unpaired)

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

Geomechanical and discrete fracture networks in Thomas et al. 2020, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

Robin Thomas & Adriana Paluszny
Data supporting 'Effective permeability tensors of three-dimensional numerically grown geomechanical discrete fracture networks with evolving geometry and mechanical apertures', submitted to the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Authors: Robin N Thomas (corresponding, robin.thomas11@imperial.ac.uk), Adriana Paluszny, Robert W Zimmerman. Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College London. Contents: For each GDFN, the geometry at each growth step. Additionally, for GDFN E, the data shown in the paper (aperture and flow distributions, figures 6 and...

Effective design and use of indicators for marine conservation

Michael John Burgass
The design, selection and use of indicators for large-scale conservation policy has been of great interest since the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) committed to a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. Following the introduction of the 2020 Aichi Targets, there was an increase, not only in demand for numbers of indicators, but the requirements that they are expected to meet. The complexities of social-ecological systems and the inevitable trade-offs that...

Encoding correlations in open quantum systems

Zachary John Blunden-Codd
The study of open quantum systems (OQS) is a vast topic consisting of diverse approaches being, or having been, carried out in divers places and times. One of the themes of this work is to demonstrate the equivalence of a number of apparently different techniques in order to travel a small way along the path of unifying the study of OQS. We present the fixed mode method (FMM) for deriving mappings between linear Hamiltonians and...

Benzene 1A1g CCSD(T)/Def2-TZVPP Kekule B2u mode = 1328 cm-1

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

C2 Quintet CASSCF(8,8, Nroot=3)/Def2QZVPP alter 7 9 4 9

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

COT nonet di-anion CCSD/Def2-SVP 1517 cm-1

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

COT quintet di-anion CCSD/Def2-SVP 1642

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

[10]-annulene, singlet CCSD/Def2-SVP 586 cm-1

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

COT singlet di-anion CCSD/Def2-SVP 1731

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation


Shuai Wang
GRL_LONG_MEN: # Post-Processing files associated to manuscript : + Title : **Long memory impact of ocean mesoscale temperature anomalies on tropical cyclone size** + by : N. Bruneau, S. Wand & R. Toumi + Submitted : Geophysical Research Letters (GRL)

isoQ_Lactone_chair_Product_1 (opt freq)

Bethan Coulson
Gaussian Calculation

A large scale X-Ray micro-tomography dataset of steady-state multiphase flow

Samuel Jackson, Qingyang Lin & Samuel Krevor
This dataset contains raw and segmented X-Ray micro-tomography images from steady-state drainage and imbibition flow experiments in two distinct Bentheimer sandstones. The dataset is presented and utilised in the paper 'Representative elementary volumes, hysteresis and heterogeneity in multiphase flow from the pore to continuum scale' available at: https://eartharxiv.org/2aejr/. Full details of the experimental setup, procedure and imaging analysis can be found in the paper and supporting information. The experiments consist of steady-state co-injection core floods...

NMR Spectra for Diastereopreference of intermediates in aminocatalysis: understanding and application to the chiral resolution of lactols

Henry Rzepa
NMR data in raw (Bruker) format, in raw + processed format (MestreNova) and including single use license for Mestranova per dataset. To open either the Bruker or the MestreNova dataset using MestreNova (download link https://mestrelab.com/download/mnova// ), download the .mnpub file for the corresponding dataset and open it in MestreNova. It contains a single use license file which will unlock all the capabilities of MestreNova without the need for prior licensing of this application.

Diastereopreference of intermediates in aminocatalysis: understanding and application to the chiral resolution of lactols

Henry Rzepa
Downstream intermediates are crucial for the reactivity and selectivity of many aminocatalytic reactions. They have been spectroscopically and crystallographically characterized and their reactivity has been examined under many different conditions. However, the extraordinary predominance of specific stereoisomers has been overlooked. Herein, we present an analysis of the stereopreference in aminocatalytic downstream intermediates, which reveals an inconspicuous mechanism of chiral recognition between the catalyst and the rest of the molecule. We propose a stereoelectronic model to...

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