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Data from: The cost of copy number in a selfish genetic element: the 2µM plasmid of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ellie Harrison, Vassiliki Koufopanou, Austin Burt, R. Craig MacLean, V. Koufopanou, A. Burt & R. C. MacLean
Many autonomously replicating genetic elements exist as multiple copies within the cell. The copy number of these elements is often assumed to have important fitness consequences for both element and host, yet the forces shaping its evolution are not well understood. The 2µm is a multi-copy plasmid of Saccharomyces yeasts, encoding just four genes that are solely involved in plasmid replication. One simple model for the fitness relationship between yeasts and 2µm is that plasmid...

Data from: Population responses to perturbations: the importance of trait-based analysis illustrated through a microcosm experiment

Arpat Ozgul, Tim Coulson, Alan Reynolds, Tom C. Cameron & Tim G. Benton
Environmental change continually perturbs populations from a stable state, leading to transient dynamics that can last multiple generations. Several long-term studies have reported changes in trait distributions along with demographic response to environmental change. Here we conducted an experimental study on soil mites and investigated the interaction between demography and an individual trait over a period of nonstationary dynamics. By following individual fates and body sizes at each life-history stage, we investigated how body size...

Data from: Phylogenetic plant community structure along elevation is lineage specific

Charlotte Ndiribe, Loïc Pellissier, Silvia Antonelli, Anne Dubuis, Julien Pottier, Pascal Vittoz, Antoine Guisan & Nicolas Salamin
The trend of closely related taxa to retain similar environmental preferences mediated by inherited traits suggests that several patterns observed at the community scale originate from longer evolutionary processes. While the effects of phylogenetic relatedness have been previously studied within a single genus or family, lineage-specific effects on the ecological processes governing community assembly have rarely been studied for entire communities or flora. Here, we measured how community phylogenetic structure varies across a wide elevation...

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