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Amendment 37: Modification to the hogfish fishery management unit, fishing level specifications for the two South Atlantic hogfish stocks, rebuilding plan for the Florida Keys/East Florida stock, and establishment/revision of management measures for both stocks

Myra Brouwer, Nikhil Mehta, Rick DeVictor, Jennifer L Lee, Brian Cheuvront, Chip Collier, Nick Farmer, Mike Larkin, David Records, Michael Jepson & Kari MacLauchlin

Comprehensive Amendment Addressing Essential Fish Habitat in Fishery Management Plans of the South Atlantic Region Amendment 3 to the Shrimp Fishery Management Plan, Amendment 1 to the Red Drum Fishery Management Plan, Amendment 10 to the Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Plan, Amendment 10 to the Coastal Migratory Pelagics Fishery Management Plan Amendment 1 to the Golden Crab Fishery Management Plan, Amendment 5 to the Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan, and Amendment 4 to the Coral, Coral Reefs, and Live/Hard Bottom Habitat Fishery Management Plan

Roger Pugliese, Gregg Waugh, Robert K. Mahood, Kerry O'Malley, Bill Hettler, Dave Meyer, Liz Noble, Susan-Marie Stedman, Rob Dunlap, W. Kenworthy, Randolph L. (Randolph Lyons) Ferguson, Mark S. Fonseca, Wilson Laney, Gordon W. Thayer, Anderson, John Selden Burke, Carolyn Anne Currin & Dave Peters

Framework: Modifications to Commercial Permit Restrictions for King and Spanish Mackerel

Ryan Rindone, Kari MaLauchlin, Rich Malinowski, Karla Gore, Assane Diagne, John Hadley, Ava Lasseter, David Records, Christina Package-Ward & Mike Larkin

Interim Rule to Address Overfishing of Red Snapper in the South Atlantic Region

Rick DeVictor, Karla Gore, Stephen Holiman, Michael Jepson, Jack McGovern, Nikhil Mehta & Jim Waters

Regulatory Amendment 16: Changes to the Seasonal Closure for the Black Sea Bass Pot Sector

Chip Collier, Brian Cheuvront, Heather Blough, Gregg Waugh, Jack McGovern, Kari MacLauchlin, Michael Jepson, Rick DeVictor & Tony Lamberte

Amendment 36: Actions to Implement Special Management Zones in the South Atlantic

Brian Cheuvront, Roger Pugliese, Kari MacLauchlin, Mike Errigo, Myra Brouwer, Chip Collier, Rick DeVictor, David Records & Michael Jepson

Amendment 14: to the Snapper Grouper Fishery Management Plan

Heather Blough, Myra Brouwer, Rick DeVictor, Douglas A. (Douglas Alan) DeVries, Denise Johnson, Kathi Kitner, Vishwanie Maharaj, Jack McGovern, Kerry O'Malley, Roger Pugliese, Brent William Stoffle & Jim Waters

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