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Attributions for Change in Attitude Among Urban Elementary Parochial School Teachers Toward Children Who Speak Nonstandard English

Charles A. Saglio Jr.
A comparatively large number of African American children fail in urban schools. Hundreds of research studies concerning interpersonal expectations suggest a link between teacher expectancies and pupil performance. Researchers have found that teachers expect less of students who speak nonstandard English. Attempts to modify teachers' culturo-linguistic attitudes and expectations have been unsuccessful. While teachers' beliefs, theories, and attitudes change over time as a function of teaching experience, the mechanisms for change are unclear. This study...

An Evaluation of the Performance of Retired Military Personnel Who Begin Teaching as a Second Career

Wendell Edgar Parker
With the increasing shortage of quality teachers, alternative certification programs have become a major source of attracting professionals from other fields and training them for the teaching profession. As a possible source of quality teachers, military retirees represent a large pool of prospective candidates. Despite their experience, and because of their alternative teacher training, the quality of their classroom performance is often questioned by both teacher unions and teacher training institutions. This study focuses on...

The Application of Formal Principles of Public Administration as Perceived by City Managers

Shelton P. Rhodes
The present study seeks to determine the extent to which formalist ideas in public administration are evident in the practice of managerial performance as perceived by city managers and assistant city managers in the three states of Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia. While numerous studies demonstrate how administrative practices vary in different socio-political environments, the International City Management Association contends that certain basic features of public management nevertheless should be widely applied in different settings. The...

Supervisors' Perceptions of Staff Development Needs of Urban Vocational Teachers

Patricia Tynes Tompkins
The purpose of this study was to determine vocational supervisors' perceptions of staff development needs of urban vocational teachers. The population for this study consisted of the vocational education supervisors in the urban areas of Virginia with a population of 50,000 or more. The Delphi technique was employed to gather the data from the supervisors. The first research goal of this study was to determine the most pressing staff development need of urban vocational teachers...

A Study of the Effectiveness of Developmental Reading and Writing Courses at Old Dominion University

Jimi Thomas-Muskovac
This study sought to (1) identify the number and demographic characteristics of students served by the remedial programs, (2) determine academic achievement and persistence of these students, (3) assess the performance of developmental reading and writing students in regular college English and regular college history classes, (4) identify components and characteristics used in the developmental programs which are associated with the success rate of developmental students and (5) assess the effectiveness of developmental education programs...

Optimization of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Fleet Size With Incorporation of Battery Management

Ahmed Hamdy
An important aspect in manufacturing automation is material handling. To facilitate material handling, automated transport systems are implemented and employed. The AGV (automated guided vehicle) has become widely used for internal and external transport of materials. A critical aspect in the use of AGVs is determining the number of vehicles required for the system to meet the material handling requirements. Several models and simulations have been applied to determine the fleet size. Most of these...

The Effects of Various Lumbar/Sacral Back Support Systems Upon Human Peak Muscular Force, Total Work, and Average Power

Michael Lee Woodhouse
The purpose of the present investigation was to study the effects of two lumbar/sacral back supports upon peak muscular force, total work, and average power. Subjects consisted of ten well conditioned male volunteers with an age range of 21-35 years. Each subject volunteered individually to participate and was required to read and sign an inform consent form prior to participating in the investigation. The investigative design was quasi-experimental with a repeated measures (treatment-by-subjects) methodology. Each...

Community Development Through Industry and Education Partnerships: An Integrated Evaluability Assessment of a Cooperative Training Alliance Between Industry and an Urban Community College

Richard E. Witte
Conceptualizing community college/industry training linkages as unified programs with established evaluable outcomes will allow practical assessment of their value as a community development tool. The purpose of this study was to conduct an evaluability assessment of the training linkage between Tidewater Community College and Norfolk Naval Shipyard. This alliance was formed to provide professional academic instruction as an element of the shipyard apprentice program. The study established the documented program expectations and the program expectations...

A Comparison of Parenting Profiles of Adolescent Mothers

Willar F. White-Parson
Statement of Problem. How do parenting profiles of adolescent mothers who attended an alternative school for pregnant students compare with adolescent mothers who did not attend this school? Purpose. The purpose of this study was to compare the parenting perceptions of adolescent mothers who attended an alternative school for pregnant students and adolescent mothers who did not attend this school. Procedure and Methods. The sample for this quasi-experimental study consisted of twenty volunteers who were...

Strategy Implementation Effectiveness in a Nonprofit Environment: The Case of Museum Stores

Sandra A. Mottner
The character of museums in America has changed significantly in this century as museums change how they market themselves to their constituents. One of these changes has been the growth and development of museum stores. First designed to supplement museum income museum stores are now a major source of museum funding (American Association of Museums 1999) and a source of educational enhancement of the museum's educational mission (Theobald 2000). However, despite the growth of the...

Curing and Flow of Thermosetting Resins for Composite Materials Pultrusion

Howard L. Price Jr.
Fibrous composite materials for mechanical and structural applications often are expensive due to high labor costs. One economical way of making composites is pultrusion, a manufacturing process in which resin-impregnated fibers are pulled at a constant speed through a heated die which shapes the resin-fiber mass and cures the resin. Most of the work which has been done on the process has been of an empirical nature, with limited understanding of the process principles. Most...

Bounds on Constraint Weight Parameters of Hopfield Networks for Stability of Optimization Problem Solutions

Gursel Serpen
The purpose of the presented research is to study the convergence characteristics of Hopfield network dynamics. The relation between constraint weight parameter values and the stability of solutions of constraint satisfaction and optimization problems mapped to Hopfield networks is investigated. A theoretical development relating constraint weight parameter values to solution stability is presented. The dependency of solution stability on constraint weight parameter values is shown employing an abstract optimization problem. A theorem defining bounds on...

Las Vegas: Utopia of Escape for Everyman

Alison Cowand Napier
Rising from the surrounding Mojave Desert, Las Vegas has served as an oasis for those seeking an escape from their daily existence since the middle of the 20th century. Each year, over fifty million people visit the city, making it second only to Mecca with the number of travelers it receives. The majority of Americans can recognize the city's silhouette, and one in two has visited Las Vegas, making it the number one destination for...

Cultural Intelligence: An Examination of Predictive Relationships in a Study Abroad Population

Bryan James Banning
This quantitative study examined the relationships between cultural intelligence (CQ) and four predictor variables: gender, degree level, major, and prior travel abroad, through a post-test only research design. Participants included undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in one of three large, public, research universities in the southeast United States. Students in the sample participated in their first study abroad (short-term) experience from 2006 to 2009. Data was analyzed via a post-test only research design. Data were...

Defensin in the Ticks Dermacentor variabilis and Ixodes scapularis

Shane Michael Ceraul
This dissertation presents the identification, molecular structure and expression of defensin, an antimicrobial peptide, in the ticks, Dermacentor variabilis and Ixodes scapularis. A 624 bp cDNA molecule for defensin was cloned and sequenced from hemocytes, fat body and midgut of unstimulated D. variabilis ticks. Defensin peptide was detected only in the hemocyte lysates. These results suggest that the defensin from D. variabilis is synthesized and stored in the hemocytes, although the role of other tissues...

Politics, Advanced Technology, and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Corliss Anne Tacosa
Analyzing the dynamics of politics behind the approval of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), this research investigates the reasons for the acquiescence of the nuclear weapon states (NWS) to this treaty when not one of them had any intention to eliminate its respective nuclear arsenal. As a result, this long sought after treaty which took over forty years to finally negotiate was rendered as a symbolic gesture rather than a step toward the eventual...

A Comparison of Multi-Attribute Utility Theory, the Analytic Hierarchy Process, the Analytic Network Process, and New Hybrid Approaches for a Case Study Involving Radon

Jesse Ray Toepfer
This dissertation focuses on the use of three new combinational hybrid approaches to solve a rational decision problem. Even though Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), and the Analytic Network Process (ANP), are all long established theories, their practical applications continue to grow and generate new knowledge. As a case study approach, there exists a knowledge gap concerning the use of these MCDM methods in the area of environmental remediation, and...

Current Barriers to Dental Care of Virginia Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Sfair Alkhthami
Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the barriers to accessing professional dental care for Virginia children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a mechanism for evaluating dental hygiene curricula. Methods: Data was collected via Qualtrics® from caregivers of one or more children with ASD who were part of Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater (FACT). The survey was distributed through FACT to all 200 members (N=200) via an email link, and a...

The Effect of Differing Degrees of Automation and Reliability on Simulated Luggage Screening Performance

Molly M. Liechty
The present work examined the effects of two types of decision support systems in a simulated luggage screening task: An input aid and an output aid. An input aid supports an operator’s information gathering. An output aid supports decision making and action selection. A Time-Accuracy Function (TAF) analysis was applied to isolate processing time from performance asymptote, which conventional performance measures such as sensitivity and response time do not distinguish one from the other. Sixty...

Sponge Community Biocomplexity, Competition, and Functional Significance in Hard-Bottom Habitats of the Florida Keys, FL (USA)

Marla Maxine Valentine
Sponges can have powerful effects on ecosystem processes in shallow, tropical marine ecosystems and are an integral component of the bentho-pelagic cycle of nutrients, via filtering of dissolved and particulate organic matter from the water column. The diversity of marine communities is thought to play a determining role in intensity of ecosystem processes; thus the loss of taxa alters community function and by extension ecosystem processes. Coastal sponge populations worldwide are increasingly exposed to declining...

A Laser Ion Source for Thin Film Deposition: Characterization of Source and Growth Conditions

Md Mahmudur Rahman
Multicharged aluminum and carbon ions are generated by a laser-arc ion source. The design, construction, and testing of a compact laser ion source is demonstrated where the laser plasma is amplified by a high voltage spark-discharge. Optical emission and ion time-of-flight are measured for a spark-coupled laser aluminum plasma. A Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (wavelength λ = 1064 nm, pulse width τ ~7 ns, pulse energy Ep ≤ 260 mJ, intensity I ≤ 15 × 109...

Numerical Modeling and Field Investigation of Nearshore Nonlinear Wave Propagation

Elham Sharifineyestani
First, a phase-resolving frequency-domain wave model that solves nonlinear wave-wave interactions is improved to account for wave dissipation and modulations over viscoelastic mud layer. Model results show satisfactory agreement with laboratory measurements. The model is then used to investigate the combined effect of mud viscoelasticity and nonlinear wave-wave interactions on surface wave evolution using cnoidal and random wave simulations. In general, qualitative measures such as shape of cnoidal waves or pattern of variation in Hrms...

Characterization of Argon and Ar/Cl2 Plasmas Used for the Processing of Niobium Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities

Jeremy J. Peshl
The plasma processing of superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavities has shown significant promise as a complementary or possible replacement for the current wet etch processes. Empirical relationships between the user-controlled external parameters and the effectiveness of Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) for the removal of surface layers of bulk niobium have been previously established. However, a lack of a physical description of the etching discharge, particularly as the external parameters are varied, limits the development of this...

Global Conservation Status and Threat Patterns of the World’s Most Prominent Forage Fishes (Teleostei, Clupeiformes)

Tiffany L. Birge
Conserving biodiversity is one of the greatest ethical responsibilities and challenges humans face. Understanding the conservation status of taxonomic groups provides a systematic way to prioritize efforts to combat biodiversity loss. The 405 species within the order Clupeiformes are the herrings, shads, sardines, anchovies, menhadens and relatives that include many of the most important marine forage fishes. These small, schooling fishes are economically, ecologically and culturally significant globally. Despite their contribution to global fisheries and...

Examining the Effect of Interruptions at Different Breakpoints and Frequencies Within a Task

Sarah Anastazia Powers
Research on the effects of interruptions shows that they can be either costly or beneficial depending on which aspects of an interruption are manipulated. One important aspect that contributes to these conflicting results concerns when an interruption occurs. The present study explored how event segmentation theory (EST) can be used to determine optimal moments for an interruption relying on hierarchical task analysis (HTA) to identify coarse and fine event boundaries. Utilizing a 2 X 3...

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