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Autism Assessment Scale for Children (AASC): The Development of a DSM-V AIigned Questionnaire to Screen School-Aged Children for High Functioning Autism

Christine Hebert
The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the latent factor structure underlying the Ellis Functional Assessment (EFA) for children with high-functioning autism (HFA), to compare the latent factor structures for under-identified subgroups of children (older children, gifted children, female children), and to design a pre-screening assessment for HFA based on those results. The scope of the study is limited to children who have been identified as having HFA and whose parents completed the EFA...

Urban Elementary Students' Views of Environmental Scientists, Environmental Caretakers and Environmentally Responsible Behaviors

Patricia Lynne Horne
The purpose of this research was to determine the nature of the relationship between urban elementary fifth graders, environmental workers, and the environment. The study examined 320 urban fifth grade elementary students' drawings of environmental scientists (DAEST) and environmental caretakers (DAECT). Additionally, semi-structured interviews were included to elucidate student illustrations. The study's sample represented one-third of all fifth graders in the mid-Atlantic school district selected for this research. Approximately 5% of participants were chosen for...

The Impact of Design-Based Modeling Instruction on Seventh Graders' Spatial Abilities and Model-Based Argumentation

William J. McConnell
Due to the call of current science education reform for the integration of engineering practices within science classrooms, design-based instruction is receiving much attention in science education literature. Although some aspect of modeling is often included in well-known design-based instructional methods, it is not always a primary focus. The purpose of this study was to better understand how design-based instruction with an emphasis on scientific modeling might impact students' spatial abilities and their model-based argumentation...

Preservice Teachers' Epistemological Beliefs: A Study of Student and Course Characteristics

Peter B. Baker
The research project described herein was designed to measure teacher education students' epistemological beliefs. Teacher education students' epistemological beliefs were compared according to participants' academic and demographic characteristics as well as characteristics of the courses in which students are enrolled at the time of study data collection. Participants included teacher education students currently studying in Old Dominion University's Darden College of Education. Results indicated that, while participants' epistemological beliefs and the development thereof are both,...

Effect of a Mindfulness Intervention on Community College Students' Writing Apprehension and Writing Performance

Megan E. Britt
This experimental study used a quantitative data collection strategy to examine whether a mindfulness intervention, a three-minute breathing exercise marked by focused attention on the sensations of breath, would affect writing anxiety and writing performance measures. The researcher compared Daly-Miller Writing Apprehension surveys and narrative writing samples from 277 students enrolled in a freshman composition course at a southeastern community college, half of whom practiced the mindful-breathing technique at class onset. Quantitative results revealed students...

A Meta-Analysis of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider Effects on Student Achievement

Shanan L. Chappell
The 2001 renewal of the United States' Title I program, which provides federal funds to schools with large populations of low-income students, instituted the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program in which schools in their third year of failing to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) are required to offer after-school tutoring in core subjects to low-income students, provided by public or private tutoring agencies. States are responsible for implementing, overseeing, and evaluating the SES programs; currently,...

A Program Evaluation of Supplemental Instruction for Developmental Mathematics at a Community College in Virginia

Marilyn Lawson Peacock
With the current emphasis on accountability and the importance of math skills in our present economy, the success of developmental mathematics students at community colleges is critical. How to improve the success of these developmental students has become the impetus for many educational initiatives. One educational innovation in tutoring, called supplemental instruction, has been successfully applied to high-risk courses which are defined to have a failure rate in excess of 30%. Mid-Atlantic Community College, in...

The Relationship Between Rural Middle School Student Mathematics Achievement and Classroom Sense of Community

John E. Donlan
This study addressed the need for more information about academic growth and achievement in mathematics, and how it relates to sense of community in middle school settings. This was accomplished by applying the Classroom and School Community Inventory (CSCI) construct (Rovai, Wighting, & Lucking, 2004) to all three middle schools in one rural county. The CSCI was utilized to measure sense of community in mathematics classes to determine if differences existed between grades six, seven,...

An Examination of Differences Between Occupational-Technical Student and Transfer Student Engagement at Small Community Colleges in Virginia

Janet T. Laughlin
This study examined the differences in levels of student engagement between occupational-technical students and transfer students in an attempt to gain insight into why so many students fail to attain their educational goals. Students' engagement or involvement with their educational institution and program of study is considered a major contributor to persistence and graduation. Research on student engagement as it relates to persisters and leavers includes the five student engagement variables benchmarked by the Community...

The Non-Cognitive Attributes of First-Year At-Risk Students Who Are Academically Successful and Retained at Old Dominion University

Tisha M. Paredes
With a decrease in state and federal funding, higher educational institutions need to focus on retaining students. However, student retention is a multifaceted problem that requires varied solutions. Traditional measures, or cognitive measures, of student success, such as pre-college knowledge (SAT and high school grade point average) have not explained how higher education institutions retained students, especially students who are considered at-risk. Since the nature of student retention is idiosyncratic, research needs to focus on...

The Administration of Community College Blogs: Considering Control and Adaptability in Loosely Coupled Systems

Troy A. Swanson
The purpose of this study using a multiple case study method is (1) to further the understanding of how community college administrators and blog authors strike a balance between organizational control and adaptability when implementing and using blog technologies and (2) to create a model that will help administrators better strike this balance within a loosely coupled system of college units and individuals. The rise of Web 2.0 technologies, which allows for direct publication to...

Ethically Speaking: Academic Librarians' Perceptions of Information Privacy, Intellectual Freedom, and the USA PATRIOT Act

Alicia Carol Willson-Metzger
This study examined five research questions relating to U.S. academic librarians' perceptions of and attitudes toward intellectual freedom, information privacy, and the USA PATRIOT Act: 1) Do academic librarians' self-perceived levels of affiliation with the American Library Association affect their attitudes toward the USA PATRIOT Act (2001)? 2) Do academic librarians' self-perceptions of affiliation with the American Library Association affect their attitudes regarding intellectual freedom for librarians and, if so, in which direction? 3) Does...

Design of Efficient Algorithms Through Minimization of Data Transfers

Yong Mo Chong
This thesis explores the time optimal implementation of computational graphs on a finite register machine. The implementation fully exploits the machine architecture, especially, the number of registers. The derived algorithms allow one to obtain time efficient implementations of a given graph in machines with a known number of registers. These optimization procedures are applied to digital signal processing graphs. It is shown that the regular structure of these graphs allows one to identify computational kernels...

Electroimmunoassay a New Competitive Protein Binding Assay Using Antibody Selective Electrodes

George Raymond Connell
The purpose of this study was to utilize concept of antibody selective electrodes to develop a new competitive protein binding assay. This is a new concept and potentially important analytical technique because it combines the advantage of RIA (sensitivity and selectivity) with advantages of electrical assays (speed and low cost).

Detection of Unique Tumor-Associated Proteins in the Urine of Patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma by High Resolution Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

Robert David Lehman
A two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic technique was developed for the detection of unique tumor-associated proteins in urine of patients with transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) of the urinary bladder. This technique yielded high resolution of polypeptides in the urine of cancer patients. Urine was chosen as a source of tumor-associated components because the location of the tum or should release already solublized tum or substances in to the urine. Urinary proteins were concentrated and then analyzed...

Moderator Effect of Financial Aid on Predictors of Community College Graduation Rate

Richard Wilt
This study examined the resource allocation decisions community colleges make in order to gain insight into the relationship of those decisions to graduation rate and whether those relationships were influenced by the percentage of students at the college receiving financial aid. Much of the literature on persistence and graduation rate in higher education is based on student characteristics such as SAT scores, high school GPA, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, or on college selectivity. This study...

Financial Aid as Retention Predictor: The Relationship of Financial Aid to Retention at a Virginia Community College

Eunice Rohrer Wine
This study examined the relationship between student financial aid awarded, unmet financial need, and fall-to-spring student retention of students at a small, public, southeastern, U.S. community college. The research hypotheses drew upon past research on retention theory, employing economic persistence theory. This study focused on three areas: the amount of grant awarded per student, the amount of loan awarded per student, and the amount of unmet need per student. These variables were then used as...

Late Registration and Student Success in On-Campus and Online Classes

Patrick Tompkins
The study examined the effect of late registration into on-campus and online classes upon student performance when accounting for completion of a college success skills course and the demographic factors of sex, race/ethnicity, age, and full-time/part-time enrollment status. The data source was 2010-2013 ex post facto data from 23 colleges in a large community college system in the southeastern United States. The statistical method of binary logistic regression was applied to the data. The regression...

Community College Students with Psychological Disorders and Their Perceptions of Online Learning

Gretchen Winifred Langford Warren
Research focusing on students with learning disabilities is abundant for secondary and higher education. Studies utilizing data on students with psychological disorders cover secondary and 4-year university education. However, community college students with psychological disorders and their perception of online classes is an area of educational research which lacks data. Students across a wide spectrum of psychological disorders tend to find learning challenging. The community college's learning environment may best fit their learning styles. With...

The Factors That Are Related to Native American Community College Students' Intent to Persist

Garnet Laureen Williams
More than half of Native American higher education students choose community colleges as their institution of choice. However, when compared with other ethnic groups, Native American/Alaska Natives (NA/AN) students earn the second-lowest number of associate degrees and the lowest number of bachelor's degrees. Despite this substantive gap, few studies have explored the factors related to Native American community college students' intent to persist. With the projected population surge of NA/AN residents over the next 15...

Student Perceptions of Online Course Quality: A Comparison By Academic Discipline

Brian Riley Wilcox
The recent rapid proliferation of distance education necessitates the need for strong levels of academic accountability. An important factor found to influence and predict student success is students' perceptions of their online courses. Understanding how learners perceive their online learning environment is paramount to effective course design and implementation. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate community college students' perceptions of online education. IHEP benchmarks for quality in distance education were used develop...

High School Engineering/Technology Education Course Impact on Georgia Standardized Achievement Scores

Rodney N. Ragsdale
This research explores whether a student completing a two course sequence in engineering/technology education is more successful on the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) assessments in mathematics, science, social studies, and English/language arts. The findings provide additional insight into whether the current focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) could also improve student achievement in core academic areas. Student data were provided through the Georgia Department of Education database, from all public...

Improving Argumentation Through Goal Instructions in Asynchronous Online Discussions

Yekaterina Prudchenko
Argumentation incorporated into class discussions can improve students' problem solving skills and enhance their epistemic and conceptual understanding. Research indicates students sometimes need scaffolding such as goal instructions to improve their argumentation skills. This study examined the effectiveness of different types of goal instructions on participants' argumentation achievement. In particular, the study compared the effects of minimal, moderate, substantial, and no goal instructions in asynchronous online discussions on participants' argumentation achievement, as measured by development,...

In Search for Instructional Techniques to Maximize the Use of Germane Cognitive Resources: A Case of Teaching Complex Tasks in Physics

The purpose of this study was to introduce an instructional technique for teaching complex tasks in physics, test its effectiveness and efficiency, and understand cognitive processes taking place in learners' minds while they are exposed to this technique. The study was based primarily on cognitive load theory (CLT). CLT determines the amount of total cognitive load imposed on a learner by a learning task as combined intrinsic (invested in comprehending task complexity) and extraneous (wasteful)...

Effect of Alkali on the Efficiency and Reliability of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells

Shankar Karki
The incorporation of alkali metal has contributed tremendously in a bid to realize greater than 20% efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2(CIGS) solar cells. Achieving high efficiency is one key parameter for the success of a photovoltaic technology but so is its long-term stability. In this thesis, the relationship between the performance of alkali treated Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells and their physicochemical, electronic and structural properties are explored through a comparative study between standard devices and alkali (K, Rb) treated...

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