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School Library Advocacy: Perceptions of Building Influence

Elizabeth A. Burns
Hartzell (1997) suggests that many in the school community do not know the value the school library program contributes to the educational landscape, and stakeholders cannot articulate the roles and responsibilities of the school librarian. Advocacy for a school library program is the deliberate and sustained effort to foster understanding of the program while influencing the attitudes of key stakeholders. It includes raising awareness, increasing knowledge and gaining influence for the position of the school...

Measurement of Hyperfine Coupling Constants of the 5d²D₃/₂ and 5d²D₅/₂ Levels in Atomic Cesium Using Polarization Quantum Beat Spectroscopy

Wo Yei
Accurate measurements of hyperfine constants have revealed effects that can not be explained by a simple hydrogenic picture of the alkali atoms such as cesium [1-3]. More precise experimental results and theoretical treatments are in demand for the alkali elements, especially for atomic cesium because of its wide range of applications. Therefore, it is essential to understand its atomic and nuclear structure. Precision measurement of its excited-states properties such as hyperfine structure provides global information...

The Effect of Grinding on the Sorption Capacity of Activated Carbon

John Garrett Dempsey
The current procedure employed to design full scale activated carbon contacting systems is presented in detail and followed by a review of the more important process controls and operating parameters. Inherent limitations of the design procedure are identified, with the need to be able to accurately predict carbon sorption capacity from bench scale analysis determined to be the most important. Some of the more recent models developed to predict activated carbon sorption capacity were analyzed...

The Application of Formal Principles of Public Administration as Perceived by City Managers

Shelton P. Rhodes
The present study seeks to determine the extent to which formalist ideas in public administration are evident in the practice of managerial performance as perceived by city managers and assistant city managers in the three states of Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia. While numerous studies demonstrate how administrative practices vary in different socio-political environments, the International City Management Association contends that certain basic features of public management nevertheless should be widely applied in different settings. The...

Factors Affecting Policy in Educational Media Services

Diane S. Barker
Teachers use a variety of resources to motivate students and to enrich and expand learning experiences in the classroom. Media, including films, videotapes, and other audiovisual materials, are some of those resources. Over the years, as teacher access to media increased, researchers began to investigate factors which encouraged or discouraged its use. Factors which had an impact on teacher use or lack of use of media were and are important indicators to administrators responsible for...

Sexual Orientation, Attachment, and Adult Relationship Quality

Earl Calvin Riggins III
Comparisons were made between 55 heterosexual males, 49 heterosexual females, 56 homosexual males, and 35 homosexual females on measures of attachment, relationship satisfaction and relationship success. Results indicated that adult homosexuals experience greater difficulty than adult heterosexuals in becoming close to others. Individuals endorsing the secure attachment style reported greater relationship satisfaction than individuals endorsing either of the two insecure attachment styles. In addition, females reported greater relationship satisfaction than males. Significantly more individuals endorsing...

Parallel Process: An Empirical Investigation

Thomas E. Pollack
The purpose of the present study was to conduct an empirical investigation of parallel process. The study used a cross-sectional design in which 30 therapy relationships and the corresponding supervision relationships were studied. The therapist assessed the behavior manifested by the patient during a targeted therapy session. Following the subsequent supervision session, the supervisor assessed the behavior manifested by the supervisee during the supervision session. In addition, each of the triad participants (patient, therapist, supervisor)...

The Effects of Nonlinear Damping on the Large Deflection Response of Structures Subjected to Random Excitation

Chunchu Bhavani Prasad
Effects of both nonlinear damping and large deflection stiffness are included in the theoretical analysis in an attempt to explain the experimental phenomena of aircraft panels excited at high sound pressure levels; that is the broadening of the strain response peak and the increase in modal frequency. Beams and symmetrically laminated plates subjected to acoustic excitation are considered in the analyses. The excitations are ergodic and Gaussian with zero mean. A polynomial containing both linear...

The Effects of Wellness Activity Choices on Urban Employees' Psychological Mood States and Job Satisfaction

Ruth Porter Holland
This ex-post-facto study was designed to examine the effects of varied levels of physical activity participation choices on employees' mood states and job satisfaction. A six (group) x two (sex) x three (times) ANCOVA method analyzed the relationship of three independent variables (group, sex and repeated exercise sessions) to ten dependent psychological measures (seven mood states and three job satisfaction components). Comparisons by group, sex, and time were made to determine whether four treatment groups...

The Role of GABA in Reproductive Neuroendocrine Systems

Robert Carter McRee
Local gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) neurons in the hypothalamus can modulate the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) pulse generating system. Two animal models (intact and ovariectomized rats) were used to determine the nature of modulation of LHRH release by GABA. The experiment determined the release of LHRH, serotonin (5-HT), and 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) during two hormonal states with each model. In the intact rat the proestrus and estrus states were examined, and in the...

Two Essays on IPO Earnings Management

Yong Sun
This dissertation includes two essays that study initial public offerings (IPO) earnings management. The first essay examines the underwriter's certification and monitoring roles in IPO earnings management; the second essay explores the relation between IPO earnings management and post-IPO institutional ownership. In the first essay, we investigate the certification role played by underwriters. We hypothesize that there is a negative relation between IPO earnings management and underwriter reputation and that there is a positive relation...

Understanding the Digital Divide As It Relates to Electronic Commerce

Franklin D. Gaillard
There exists an electronic digital divide within the United States. This digital divide concerns access to the Internet and its corresponding technologies. The U.S. government is concerned about the digital divide because it appears that certain ethnic groups and income levels are being excluded from computer technologies and the Internet. These groups include African Americans and Hispanics, who are lagging the Caucasians significantly in gaining access to the Internet. For a while the gap between...

Investigation of Display Issues Relevant to the Presentation of Aircraft Fault Information

Donald Mark Allen
The present study investigated the effects of different display, hypothesis presentation, information presentation, and parameter presentation styles on pilot performance. It was hypothesized that performance would be maximal using picture-based displays, presenting hypothesis information as a composite, showing only out-of-tolerance parameter information, and when parameter information was displayed as a bargraph. The results of the study indicated that pilot performance was best when employing picture- and text-based displays, when fault hypotheses were displayed as composites....

Periodic Orbit Analytic Construction In The Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem

Jay Shriram Suryawanshi
This thesis investigates an approximate analytic construction of halo-type periodic orbits about the collinear equilibrium points in the circular restricted three-body problem. The research follows a parallel approach to the one used by Ghazy and Newman, but the initial assumptions and utilized functions are unique to this thesis. A suppositional base solution constructed using Jacobi elliptic functions and satisfying Jacobi's integral equation is at the core of the analytic construction framework. The locus of this...

How do People React to Someone Who Has Recently Tested for HIV? An Experimental Study of the Effects of Sexual Orientation and HIV Status

Stacie A. Wilson
HIV/AIDS-related stigma remains prevalent in our society despite advances in medical treatment, and appears to be based on fear of the illness and negative attitudes toward gay individuals. Previous literature examining the phenomenon, enactment, and consequences of HIV/AIDS-related stigma has primarily been based on self-report measures examining participants' imagined reactions toward a person with HIV/AIDS (PWHA). The present study attempted to expand on the self-report findings and contribute uniquely to the literature by examining participants'...

Two Essays on the Corporate Payout Behavior of Japanese and European Firms

Rahnuma Binte Ahsan
This dissertation investigates the corporate payout policies in Japanese and European firms in light of substitution and flexibility hypothesis of share repurchase. This study contributes to the literature in four folds-first, provides a comprehensive description of payout behavior in Japan and Europe for the period 1980-2006, second, examines the substitution hypothesis of share repurchase in these regions, third, provides three alternative measures of transitory earnings and fourth, examines the effect of transitory earnings on repurchase...

Natural Language Human-Computer Dialogue: Menu-Based Natural Language and Visual Performance

Jeffrey John Hendrickson
The present study was conducted to determine design principles for menu-based natural language (MBNL) interfaces and to provide evidence for the nature of visual search processes with menu-based systems. The effects of window size, window activity, and query length were investigated. Window size was manipulated as a between-subjects variable with three levels representing a sixteen-item window size, an eight-item window size, and a four-item window size. Window activity was manipulated as a within-subjects variable with...

A Comparison of Academic Outcomes in Courses Taught with Open Educational Resources and Publisher Content

Diane N. Ryan
The academic outcomes of retention, completion, persistence and final exam scores between courses taught with open educational resources (OER) and courses taught with publisher content (non-OER) were investigated in this mixed method sequential study. The perceptions and experiences of the instructors who taught the courses were also explored. The participants were 215 community college students enrolled in an online section of Introduction to Communication (CST 110), Western Civilization (HIS 111), Applied Calculus (MTH 270) or...

Similitude of Mass Transfer Processes in Distorted Froude Model of an Estuary

Carvel Hall Blair
The project began with the design and construction of a hydraulic Froude model of the Lafayette River, a small well mixed estuary in Norfolk, Virginia. Horizontal scale is 1/540, vertical scale 1/12 yielding a vertical distortion of 45. Adjustment by roughness strips and screens produced close agreement of model-prototype tide heights, currents, and salinities in the deep reaches comprising 80% of the estuary volume. Some scale effect in velocity and tide height could not be...

Unsteady Transonic Flow Over Slender Bodies

Cevdet Aydun
The unsteady transonic small disturbance equation for an oscillating slender body is obtained from the full potential equation in cylindrical coordinates by means of a perturbation analysis. The time-dependent body-boundary condition is reduced into a simpler form by matching the outer and inner flows. Also, a time-dependent pressure coefficient over the slender body is derived by means of a matching principle. The simplified form of the body-boundary condition is incorporated into the difference equations at...

The 2H(e, e'p)n Reaction at High Four-Momentum Transfer

Hassan F. Ibrahim
This dissertation presents the highest four-momentum transfer, Q2, quasielastic (xBj = 1) results from Experiment E01-020 which systematically explored the 2H(e, e'p)n reaction ("Electro-disintegration" of the deuteron) at three different four-momentum transfers, Q2 = 0.8, 2.1, and 3.5 GeV2 and missing momenta, pmiss = 0, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 GeV including separations of the longitudinal-transverse interference response function, RLT, and extraction of the longitudinal-transverse asymmetry, ALT. This systematic approach will help to understand...

Effects of Encoding Variety and Concurrent-Task Practice on the Transfer and Retention of Complex Skill

Peter S. Winne
The present study investigated the effects of dual-task practice and the variety of problems solved during practice on (a) the acquisition of procedural and declarative skills and the development of concurrent-task skills, and (b) the utilization and maintenance of two types of strategies. Strategies were defined as the use of different mixes of skills pertaining to procedures and specific declarative solutions. Two tasks--mental arithmetic and trigrams--were used to examine problem-solving skills and strategies both immediately...

Workforce Investment Act services: Effect on Dislocated Worker Reemployment

Martha A. Walker
The effect of WIA services on the gainful reemployment of Virginia's dislocated workers was explored using a mixed method, non-experimental, ex post factoresearch design. Analysis of variance with follow-up post hoc tests probed for statistically significant differences in hourly reemployed wage and weeks dislocated determined by (a) WIA service level, (b) impact of training, (c) characteristics of training completers and non-completers, and (d) impact of dislocated worker characteristics. Qualitative methods were used to search for...

Princess Anne County: A Study in Material Wealth

Todd Grant Duncan
This is a study of material culture in Princess Anne County, Virginia, from 1691 to 1823, based on court records. These documents allow the historian to determine the economic worth of a group of individuals, analyze the types of people comprising this group, categorize the types and quantities of possessions owned, and differentiate between economic groups according to possessions and currency listed. Trends of ownership for the whole period, the determination of individual occupations, and...

The Effect of Standardised Learning Diaries on Self-Regulated Learning, Calibration Accuracy and Academic Achievement

Avanelle Joseph-Edwards
The online learning environment is a dynamic yet complex learning modality. Students are physically separated from their peers, they grapple with feelings of isolation, and they may be unable to self-regulate their learning. Studies have shown that self-regulation is related to academic achievement and student metacognitive monitoring in online settings. The present study investigated the effects of a standardized diaries on students’ self-regulatory behaviors, calibration accuracy and academic achievement within an online learning environment. Using...

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