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Cladistic matrix targeted at resolving relationships between fossil birds from the Changma locality of the Lower Cretaceous Xiagou Formation

Jingmai O'Connor, Thomas Stidham, Jerald Harris, Matthew Lamanna, Alida Bailleul, Han Hu, Min Wang & Hailu You
We describe six specimens consisting of cranial remains and associated partial presacral axial series belonging to ornithuromorph birds from the Changma locality of the Lower Cretaceous Xiagou Formation of northwestern Gansu Province, China. Comparison among specimens is limited by the paucity of overlapping elements, their differing exposed views, and, in some specimens, poor preservation. Despite this, three separate taxa are represented, evidenced by differences in their dentary dentitions: one specimen is edentulous, another has sharp,...

The emblematic South African therocephalian Euchambersia in China: a new link in the dispersal of late Permian vertebrates across Pangea

Fernando Abdala & Jun Liu
Therapsids were widely distributed in Pangea in the late Permian. South Africa in Gondwana, and Russia in Laurasia are the principal areas recording tetrapods (including therapsids) of this age. More recent field explorations have increased the importance of Chinese late Permian fossil assemblages. This is clearly reflected in the discovery of several new therocephalians from the Naobaogou Formation in Nei Mongol. Here we report a therocephalian from that unit identified as a new species of...

Skyline fossilized birth-death priors resolve deep root attraction in total-evidence dating

Chi Zhang, Fredrik Ronquist & Tanja Stadler
Several total-evidence dating studies under the fossilized birth-death (FBD) prior produced very old age estimates which are not supported by the fossil record, and this phenomenon has been termed "deep root attraction'' (DRA). For the Hymenoptera and Eutheria data, utilizing diversified extant sampling in the FBD process has been shown to greatly reduce the DRA effect. However, it is unclear how to proceed in data analyses where typically both the random and diversified samplings are...

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