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Data from: Cushion plant morphology controls biogenic capability and facilitation effects of Silene acaulis along an elevation gradient

Giuliano Bonanomi, Adriano Stinca, Giovanni Battista Chirico, Giampiero Ciaschetti, Antonio Saracino & Guido Incerti
The stress-gradient hypothesis (SGH) predicts that the balance of plant–plant interactions shifts along abiotic environmental gradients, with facilitation becoming more frequent under stressful conditions. However, recent studies have challenged this perspective, reporting that positive interactions are, in some cases, more common at the intermediate level of environmental severity gradients. Here, we test whether and how neighbour effects by Silene acaulis cushions vary along a 700 m wide altitudinal transect, in relation to cushion morphological traits...

An experimental test of community-based strategies for mitigating human-wildlife conflict around protected areas

Ryan Long, Paola Branco, Jerod Merkle, Robert Pringle, Lucy King, Tosca Tindall & Marc Stalmans
Natural habitats are rapidly being converted to cultivated croplands, and crop-raiding by wildlife threatens both wildlife conservation and human livelihoods worldwide. We combined movement data from GPS-collared elephants with camera-trap data and local reporting systems in a before-after-control-impact design to evaluate community-based strategies for reducing crop raiding outside Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park. All types of experimental fences tested (beehive, chili, beehive and chili combined, and procedural controls) significantly reduced the number of times elephants left...

Trait-modulated decline of carabid beetle occurrence along elevation gradients across the European Alps

Dan Chamberlain, Mauro Gobbi, Matteo Negro, Enrico Caprio, Claudia Palestrini, Luca Pedrotti, Pietro Brandmayr, Roberto Pizzolotto & Antonio Rolando
Aim: To assess how species traits modulate the responses of carabids to elevation gradients, and how consistent these relationships are across different Alpine regions. Location: Italian Alps. Taxon: Coleoptera, Carabidae (ground beetles) Methods: Carabid communities were sampled using pitfall traps along elevation gradients (697-2840 m) in 416 study sites comprising a range of habitat types. The probability of carabid occurrence was modelled in relation to elevation and its interaction with two key traits, body size...

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  • 2015

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