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Microsatellite genotypes of Aedes japonicus collected in Belgium and Germany

Nathalie Smitz
Seven polymorphic microsatellite loci were scored in 292 specimens of Ae. japonicus collected in Belgium and Germany to investigate the population genetic structure of this invasive. The objectives of the study were to determine (i) if the mosquito specimens collected along the Belgian border were introduced from the nearby existing West German population, and (ii) if the population at Natoye (Belgium) resulted from a new introduction event and/or from a few undetected specimens that escaped...

Simultaneous genotyping of snails and infecting trematode parasites using high-throughput amplicon sequencing.

Cyril Hammoud, Stephen Mulero, Bert Van Bocxlaer, Jérôme Boissier, Dirk Verschuren, Christian Albrecht & Tine Huyse
Several methodological issues currently hamper the study of entire trematode communities within populations of their intermediate snail hosts. Here we develop a new workflow using high-throughput amplicon sequencing to simultaneously genotype snail hosts and their infecting trematode parasites. We designed primers to amplify 4 snail and 5 trematode markers in a single multiplex PCR. While also applicable to other genera, we focused on medically and economically important snail genera within the Superorder Hygrophila and targeted...

Past connections with the mainland structure patterns of insular species richness in a continental-shelf archipelago (Aegean Sea, Greece): Species richness matrixes and shapefiles

Cyril Hammoud
Recent research in island biogeography has highlighted the important role of late Quaternary sea-level fluctuations in shaping biogeographic patterns in insular systems but focused on oceanic systems. Through this study, we aim investigate how late Quaternary sea-level fluctuations shaped species richness patterns in continental shelf island systems. Focusing on the Aegean archipelago, we first compiled maps of the area’s geography using published data, under three sea-level stands: 1) current; 2) median sea-level over the last...

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