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miR-669a-5p promotes adipogenic differentiation and induces browning in preadipocytes

Xiaoqiong Tan, Tingting Zhu, Linqiang Zhang, Lin Fu, Ying Hu, Huiqin Li, Chengbin Li, Jingjing Zhang, Bin Liang & Jing Liu
Obesity is a major global health issue that contributes to the occurrence of metabolic disorders. Based on this fact, understanding the underlying mechanisms and to uncover promising therapeutic approaches for obesity have attracted intense investigation. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) can help burns excess calories. Therefore, promoting White adipose tissue (WAT) browning and BAT activation is an attractive strategy for obesity treatment. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNAs, which are involved in regulation of adipogenic processes...

Numerical simulation of ball bearing flow field using the moving particle semi-implicit method

Wei Wu, Chunhui Wei & Shihua Yuan
The distribution of lubricating oil in the bearing cavity is of great significance to bearing lubrication and cooling. A new idea is provided to further study the ball bearings lubrication, to achieve effective lubrication of bearings. The flow field of oil injection lubrication ball bearings is studied by the moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method. The accuracy of the numerical calculation method is verified by experiments. The oil distribution of the bearing lubrication flow field and...

BUB1B (BUB1 Mitotic Checkpoint Serine/Threonine Kinase B) promotes lung adenocarcinoma by interacting with Zinc Finger Protein ZNF143 and regulating glycolysis

Xiaolei Zhou, Yanli Yuan, Hongping Kuang, Bingxiang Tang, Hui Zhang & Manlin Zhang
Lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) is one of the most common causes of cancer death in men. BUB1B (BUB1 mitotic checkpoint serine/threonine kinase B) has been reported to contribute to the initiation and development of several cancers. Here, we aimed to explore the potential role of BUB1B in LUAD. We found BUB1B was upregulated in LUAD, suggesting its potential role as a biomarker for LUAD diagnosis. Significantly, LUAD patients with high BUB1B expression had a shorter survival...

A prognostic nomogram for intrahepatic progression-free survival in patients with colorectal liver metastases after ultrasound-guided percutaneous microwave ablation

Si Qin, Huabin Hu, Rui Cui, Jing Lin, Yiming Liu, Yimin Wang, Yao Chen & Guangjian Liu
The present study identified predictors of intrahepatic progression-free survival (ihPFS) after ultrasound (US)-guided percutaneous microwave ablation (MWA) for colorectal liver metastases (CRLMs) and developed a nomogram to predict ihPFS. From January 2013 to December 2018, a total of 314 patients (224 men and 90 women; mean age, 57.1 ± 11.8 years; range, 23–86 years) with 645 CRLMs (mean diameter, 16.6 ± 6.5 mm; range, 6.0–45.0 mm) treated with US-guided percutaneous MWA were included and analyzed....

Nepetin reduces virulence factors expression by targeting ClpP against MRSA-induced pneumonia infection

Shisong Jing, Xinran Ren, Li Wang, Xiangri Kong, Xingye Wang, Xiren Chang, Xuerui Guo, Yan Shi, Jiyu Guan, Tiedong Wang, Bingmei Wang, Wu Song & Yicheng Zhao
The resistance of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) to various antibiotics has increased dramatically due to the misuse of antibiotics, and thus the development of new anti-infective drugs with new targets is urgently needed to combat resistance. Caseinolytic peptidase P is a case in hydrolase that regulates the virulence level of S. aureus. Here, we found that nepetin, a small-molecule compound from traditional Chinese herbal flavonoids, effectively inhibits ClpP activity. Nepetin suppressed the virulence of S....

Two contradictory facades of N-acetylcysteine activity towards renal carcinoma cells

Zhihai Yu, Kun Yu, Shaobo Wu, Qiurong Zhao, Yaochuan Guo, Hengchuan Liu & Xiao Huang
As a prescribed antioxidant, N-Acetylcysteine is used in treating disease and supportive care. However, N-acetylcysteine’s role in cancer therapy is controversial and needs to be investigated thoroughly. Presently, renal cell carcinoma is one of the most common forms of malignancy and needs new anti-cancer drugs with high efficacy and low side effect. Herein, we studied the effect of N-acetylcysteine on cell proliferation, oxidant stress, and apoptosis on human renal cell carcinoma cell line A498 and...

Soil environmental criteria in six representative developed countries: soil management targets, and human health and ecological risk assessment

Qiyuan Liu, Yihang Wu, Wenhao Zhao, Jin Ma, Yajing Qu, Haiyan Chen, Yuxin Tian & Fengchang Wu
Soil pollution is a global problem. As one of the important tools for contaminated land management, much attention has been given to soil environmental criteria (SEC) in some countries. However, most of the current researches on SEC are concentrated in several developed countries. For other countries that need to establish SEC, learning the experience of developed countries can promote the development of SEC. This paper systematically described the development of SEC in the USA, the...

Long non-coding RNA-PCGEM1 contributes to prostate cancer progression by sponging microRNA miR-129-5p to enhance chromatin licensing and DNA replication factor 1 expression

Qiao Fu, Fangfang Wang, Jun Yang, Wei Sun, Zhi Hu, Lv Xu, Hao Chu, Xiao Wang & Wei Zhang
PCGEM1 facilitates prostate cancer (PCa) progression. This study aimed to elucidate the mechanism of action of PCGEM1 in PCa. The expression of PCGEM1, microRNA miR-129-5p, chromatin licensing, and DNA replication factor 1 (CDT1) was detected by quantitative reverse transcription-PCR (qRT-PCR). A series of function experiments including cell counting kit-8 (CCK-8), caspase-3 activity, and cell cycle assays were performed to evaluate the influence of PCGEM1, miR-129-5p, and CDT1 on the biological processes of PCa cells. CyclinD1,...

The pathological involvement of spinal cord EphB2 in visceral sensitization in male rats

Tao Chen, Si Chen, Xuefeng Zheng, Yaofeng Zhu, Ziyun Huang, Linju Jia, Lisi OuYang & Wanlong Lei
Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are usually at an increased risk for chronic disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), characterized by hyperalgesia and allodynia, but its subsequent effect on visceral hyperalgesia and the mechanism remain unclear. The present study employed single prolonged stress (SPS), a model of PTSD-pain comorbidity, behavioral evaluation, intrathecal drug delivery, immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, and RT-PCR techniques. When detecting visceral sensitivity, the score of the abdominal withdrawal reflex (AWR) induced...

MeCP2-induced heterochromatin organization is driven by oligomerization-based liquid–liquid phase separation and restricted by DNA methylation

Hui Zhang, Hector Romero, Annika Schmidt, Katalina Gagova, Weihua Qin, Bianca Bertulat, Anne Lehmkuhl, Manuela Milden, Malte Eck, Tobias Meckel, Heinrich Leonhardt & M. Cristina Cardoso
Heterochromatin is the highly compacted form of chromatin with various condensation levels hallmarked by high DNA methylation. MeCP2 is mostly known as a DNA methylation reader but has also been reported as a heterochromatin organizer. Here, we combine liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS) analysis and single-molecule tracking with quantification of local MeCP2 concentrations in vitro and in vivo to explore the mechanism of MeCP2-driven heterochromatin organization and dynamics. We show that MeCP2 alone forms liquid-like spherical...

Inhibition of translocator protein 18 kDa suppressed the progression of glioma via the ELAV-like RNA-binding protein 1/MAPK-activated protein kinase 3 axis

Jingya Wang, Peng Ren, Zhirui Zeng, Li Ma, Yunjun Li, Hongmei Zhang & Wenzhi Guo
Glioma is the most common primary malignant brain tumors in adults. Despite considerable advances in treatment, the clinical outcome remains dismal. Translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO), an evolutionarily conserved transmembrane protein, has always been found to be elevated in glioma, which predicts a poor prognosis. However, studies on the regulatory network of TSPO in glioma are limited. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and our research group cohorts demonstrated that TSPO expression was also highly expressed...

Stachydrine is effective and selective against blast phase chronic myeloid leukaemia through inhibition of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases

Ruixin Gu, Wei Zhang & Dandan Xu
Resistance to BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) is the cause of treatment failure in blast phase chronic myeloid leukaemia (BP-CML). Agents that act synergistically with BCR-ABL TKI are required to improve response. This work investigated the effects of stachydrine in CML. CML cells were treated with control or stachydrine at 20, 40 and 80 µM. Proliferation and apoptosis were examined after 72 h treatment. Combination studies were performed in four groups: control, TKI, stachydrine and...

Efficacy of heterologous boosting against SARS-CoV-2 using a recombinant interferon-armed fusion protein vaccine (V-01): a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled phase III trial

Xuan-Yi Wang, Syed Faisal Mahmood, Fang Jin, Wee Kooi Cheah, Muhammad Ahmad, Mian Amjad Sohail, Waheed Ahmad, Vijaya K. Suppan, Muneeba Ahsan Sayeed, Shobha Luxmi, Aik-Howe Teo, Li Yuan Lee, Yang-Yang Qi, Rong-Juan Pei, Wei Deng, Zhong-Hui Xu, Jia-Ming Yang, Yan Zhang, Wu-Xiang Guan & Xiong Yu
Waning of neutralizing titres along with decline of protection efficacy after the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines was observed, including China-made inactivated vaccines. Efficacy of a heterologous boosting using one dose of a recombinant SARS-CoV-2 fusion protein vaccine (V-01) in inactivated vaccine-primed population was studied, aimed to restore the immunity. A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled phase III trial was conducted in healthy people aged 18 years or older in Pakistan and Malaysia. Each eligible participant...

The Cauchy Combination Test under Arbitrary Dependence Structures

Mingya Long, Zhengbang Li, Wei Zhang & Qizhai Li
Combining individual p-values to perform an overall test is often encountered in statistical applications. The Cauchy combination test (CCT) (Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2020, 115, 393–402) is a powerful and computationally efficient approach to integrate individual p-values under arbitrary dependence structures for sparse signals. We revisit this test to additionally show that (i) the tail probability of the CCT can be approximated just as well when more relaxed assumptions are imposed on individual...

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Sevoflurane suppresses migration and invasion of glioma cells by regulating miR-146b-5p and MMP16

Le Zhang, Jun Wang, Zhijie Fu, YanQiu Ai, Yanrong Li, Ying Wang & Yanping Wang
We, the Editors and Publisher of the journal Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, have retracted the following article: Le Zhang, Jun Wang, Zhijie Fu, YanQiu Ai, Yanrong Li, Ying Wang & Yanping Wang (2019) Sevoflurane suppresses migration and invasion of glioma cells by regulating miR-146b-5p and MMP16. Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, 47:1, 3306–3314, DOI: 10.1080/21691401.2019.1648282 Since publication, concerns have been raised about the integrity of the data in the article. When approached for an...

Elevated D-Dimer levels correlate with the development of hepatorenal syndrome and a poor outcome in patients with cirrhosis

Baode Chen, Jing Liu, Yongtao Li, Xuelin He, Cheng Zhou, Yu Chen & Min Zheng
Whether hemostatic status was correlated with the diverse types of acute kidney injury in cirrhotic patients is unclear. The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between hemostatic markers and the diverse types of acute kidney injury (AKI) in liver cirrhosis. Cirrhotic patients with consecutive treatment at the First Affiliated Hospital of Medicine School, Zhejiang University, were pooled in a cohort. Their demographic and clinical data, biochemistry parameters and hemostatic markers were assessed to identify...

Additional file 1 of AADAC protects colorectal cancer liver colonization from ferroptosis through SLC7A11-dependent inhibition of lipid peroxidation

Rongquan Sun, Zhifei Lin, Xiangyu Wang, Lu Liu, Meisi Huo, Rui Zhang, Jing Lin, Chao Xiao, Yitong Li, Wenwei Zhu, Lu Lu, Jubo Zhang & Jinhong Chen
Additional file 1.

Metabolic differences in women with premature ovarian insufficiency: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Wang-Yu Cai, Xi Luo, Wei Wu, Jianyuan Song, Ning-Ning Xie, Cuicui Duan, Xiao-Ke Wu & Jian Xu
Abstract Objective This review aimed to investigate the metabolic profile of women with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) compared relative to women with normal ovarian functioning. Methods A systematic search of PubMed, EMBASE, and the Web of Science for observational studies published up until the 6th of July 2021 that compared the metabolic profile of POI women with a healthy control group were assessed. Mean differences (MD) and 95% confidence interval (CI) were pooled using the...

Additional file 2 of Metabolic differences in women with premature ovarian insufficiency: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Wang-Yu Cai, Xi Luo, Wei Wu, Jianyuan Song, Ning-Ning Xie, Cuicui Duan, Xiao-Ke Wu & Jian Xu
Additional file 2: Supplementary table 1. PRISMA 2022 checklist.

Shotgun-2: A Bayesian phase I/II basket trial design to identify indication-specific optimal biological doses

Xin Chen, Jingyi Zhang, Liyun Jianga & Fangrong Yan
For novel molecularly targeted agents and immunotherapies, the objective of dose-finding is often to identify the optimal biological dose, rather than the maximum tolerated dose. However, optimal biological doses may not be the same for different indications, challenging the traditional dose-finding framework. Therefore, we proposed a Bayesian phase I/II basket trial design, named “shotgun-2,” to identify indication-specific optimal biological doses. A dose-escalation part is conducted in stage I to identify the maximum tolerated dose and...

Additional file 4 of Metabolic differences in women with premature ovarian insufficiency: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Wang-Yu Cai, Xi Luo, Wei Wu, Jianyuan Song, Ning-Ning Xie, Cuicui Duan, Xiao-Ke Wu & Jian Xu
Additional file 4: Supplementary table 3. Meta-regression results.

The diversity and evolutionary relationships of ticks and tick-borne bacteria collected in China

JunHua Tian, Xin Hou, MiHong Ge, HongBin Xu, Bin Yu, Jing Liu, RenFu Shao, Edward C. Holmes, ChaoLiang Lei & Mang Shi
Abstract Background Ticks (order Ixodida) are ectoparasites, vectors and reservoirs of many infectious agents affecting humans and domestic animals. However, the lack of information on tick genomic diversity leaves significant gaps in the understanding of the evolution of ticks and associated bacteria. Results We collected > 20,000 contemporary and historical (up to 60 years of preservation) tick samples representing a wide range of tick biodiversity across diverse geographic regions in China. Metagenomic sequencing was performed...

Novel mycoplasma nucleomodulin MbovP475 decreased cell viability by regulating expression of CRYAB and MCF2L2

Gang Zhao, Doukun Lu, Shujuan Wang, Hui Zhang, Xifang Zhu, Zhiyu Hao, Ali Dawood, Yingyu Chen, Elise Schieck, Changmin Hu, Xi Chen, Liguo Yang & Aizhen Guo
Nucleomodulins are secreted bacterial proteins whose molecular targets are located in host cell nuclei. They are gaining attention as critical virulence factors that either modify the epigenetics of host cells or directly regulate host gene expression. Mycoplasma bovis is a major veterinary pathogen that secretes several potential virulence factors. The aim of this study was to determine whether any of their secreted proteins might function as nucleomodulins. After an initial in silico screening, the nuclear...

CCNE1 is a potential target of Metformin for tumor suppression of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma

Jie Mei, Huixiang Tian, Hsuan-Shun Huang, Nayiyuan Wu, Yu-Ligh Liou, Tang-Yuan Chu, Jing Wang & Wei Zhang
High-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) is the most common and malignant type of ovarian cancer, accounting for 70%–80% of mortality. However, the treatment of HGSOC has improved little in the past few decades. Metformin is the first-line medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and has now gained more attention in cancer treatment. In this study, we sought to identify potential hub genes that metformin could target in the treatment of HGSOC. We downloaded...

Research strategy for constructing a green infrastructure network based on spatial prioritization

Dongmeng Wang, Chang Liu, Yue Guo, Puxia Tang, Jie Jiao, Weihan Kong, Ling Zhang, Yiping Liu & Dezheng Kong
The destruction of the ecological system caused by urban expansion has led to the environmental deterioration, cities have become increasingly vulnerable. In this study, six districts and counties along the Yellow River in Zhengzhou were selected as the study area. First, green infrastructure elements were extracted by morphological spatial pattern analysis. Then, outside the urban areas, we used connectivity analysis to evaluate the importance of core areas, adopted minimum cumulative resistance model to extract potential...

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