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Claudia Padovani, Giuliano Bobba, Alice Baroni, Marinella Belluati, Cecilia Biancalana, Mauro Bomba, Alice Fubini, Francesco Marrazzo, Rossella Rega, Christian Ruggiero, Simone Sallusti, Sergio Splendore & Michele  Valente

Simultaneous two-photon voltage or calcium imaging and multi-channel LFP recordings in barrel cortex of awake and anesthetized mice

Claudia Cecchetto, Stefano Vassanelli & Bernd Kuhn
Neuronal population activity, both spontaneous and sensory-evoked, generates propagating waves in cortex. However, high spatiotemporal-resolution mapping of these waves is difficult as calcium imaging, the work horse of current imaging, does not reveal subthreshold activity. Here, we present a platform combining voltage or calcium two-photon imaging with multi-channel local field potential (LFP) recordings in different layers of the barrel cortex from anesthetized and awake head-restrained mice. A chronic cranial window with access port allows injecting...

Caterpillar polarisation vision: Histological methods and Rcodes for behavioural analyses

Mizuki Uemura, Andrej Meglič, Myron Zalucki, Andrea Battisti & Gregor Belušič
Processionary caterpillars of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (in Europe) and Ochrogaster lunifer (in Australia) (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) form single files of larvae crawling head-to-tail when moving to feeding and pupation sites. We investigated if the processions are guided by polarisation vision. The heading orientation of processions could be manipulated with linear polarising filters held above the leading caterpillar. Exposure to changes in the angle of polarisation around the caterpillar resulted in orthogonal changes in heading angles. Anatomical analysis...

Selection experiment on guppy ornamental traits

Magdalena Herdegen-Radwan, Silvia Cattelan, Jakub Buda, Jarosław Raubic & Jacek Radwan
Female preferences for male ornamental traits can arise from indirect benefits, such as increased attractiveness or better viability of progeny, but empirical evidence for such benefits is inconsistent. Artificial selection offers a powerful way to investigate indirect effects of male ornaments. Here, we selected for the area of orange spots on male guppies, a trait subject to female preferences in our population, in replicated up- and down-selected lines. We found a significant direct response to...

Natural Language as a Technological Tool

Simone Aurora
Language is a technological tool, since it is the outcome of a process of exteriorisation of a set of intentional practices. This process of exteriorisation is semiotic in nature. Language as technology and technology as language are thus ways of socialize consciousness. On the basis of some recent results in applied linguistics, the paper suggests that language and technology have to be considered as “functioning” when they enable social relations, by collectivising consciousness and producing...

Endomorphism rings and automorphism groups of separable torsion-free modules over valuation domains

Brendan Goldsmith & P. Zanardo

A Note On Clean Abelian Groups

Brendan Goldsmith & P. Vamos

Data from: Exploring the biotic homogenisation and diversity resistance hypotheses: the understorey of non-native and native woodland canopies in three urban areas of Europe

Tommaso Sitzia, Simone Iacopino, Sabina Burrascano, Thomas Campagnaro, Laura Celesti-Grapow, Cecilia Bacchetti, Arne Cierjacks, Ingo Kowarik, Moritz Von Der Lippe & Giovanni Trentanovi
Exploring the biotic homogenisation and diversity resistance hypotheses by assessing the effect of non-native black locust canopy on understorey species turnover. Location: Berlin, the Venetian metropolitan area, and Rome. We modelled the zeta (ζ) expression of diversity to compare the understorey species turnover between the non-native black locust and native woodland canopies across multiple sites and through predictors of anthropogenic pressure (road and built-up density) and interior conditions (tree basal area and mean height). In...

Data from: Black goby territorial males adjust their ejaculate’s characteristics in response to the presence of sneakers

Lisa Locatello, Oliviero Borgheresi, Federica Poli, Andrea Pilastro & Maria Rasotto
In many species males can rapidly adjust their ejaculate performance in response to changing levels of sperm competition, an ability that is probably mediated by seminal fluid adaptive plasticity. In the black goby, Gobius niger, female spawning in the nest of a territorial male can last hours, and males attach a viscous ejaculate to the nest roof, from which sperm are slowly released. During spawning, sneaker males attempt to approach the nest and release their...

Data for: Contrasting response of native and non-native plants to disturbance and herbivory in mountain environments

Costanza Geppert, Francesco Boscutti, Greta La Bella, Vittoria De Marchi, Daria Corcos, Antonio Filippi & Lorenzo Marini
Aim: Climate warming and increasing human disturbance are expected to promote non-native plant invasions in mountain ecosystems. Although biological invasions are also expected to be modulated by biotic interactions, it is still not clear how invertebrate herbivores can affect plant invasion dynamics. Using a large manipulative experiment, we aimed at testing: 1) the effect of soil disturbance and elevation on native and non-native plant communities, and 2) the effect of plant-herbivore interactions, nitrogen deposition, and...

CAO. Corpus dell’antico occitano

Maria Careri, Stefano Asperti, Francesco Carapezza, Costanzo Di Girolamo, Paolo Di Luca, Giosuè Lachin, Walter Meliga, Francesca Sanguineti, Oriana Scarpati & Paolo Squillacioti
[Italiano]: Il Corpus dell’antico occitano è un corpus testuale interrogabile sul software Gatto, sviluppato dall’OVI (Opera del Vocabolario Italiano), e leggibile sul Rialto (Repertorio informatizzato dell’antica letteratura trobadorica e occitana). Il corpus include edizioni integrali di canzonieri, di testi lirici a tradizione dispersa e di testi in prosa, tutti in trascrizione sia diplomatica che interpretativa. Relativamente ai canzonieri, che rappresentano la parte più consistente del corpus, si contano 2500 componimenti lirici conservati da una trentina...

Data for: Growing faster, longer or both? Modelling plastic response of Juniperus communis growth phenology to climate change

Jan Tumajer, Allan Buras, Jesús Julio Camarero, Marco Carrer, Rohan Shetti, Martin Wilmking, Jan Altman, Gabriel Sangüesa-Barreda & Jiří Lehejček
Aim: Plant growth and phenology plastically respond to changing climatic conditions both in space and time. Species-specific levels of growth plasticity determine biogeographical patterns and the adaptive capacity of species to climate change. However, a direct assessment of spatial and temporal variability in radial-growth dynamics is complicated, as long records of cambial phenology do not exist. Location: 16 sites across European distribution margins of Juniperus communis L. (the Mediterranean, the Arctic, the Alps and the...

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