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Perspectivas dilatadas e olhares astronômicos: o uso de imagens de satélites no trabalho de Mishka Henner

Kati Caetano & Anuschka Lemos

Spatiotemporal niche-based mechanisms support a stable coexistence of ants and spiders in an extrafloral nectary-bearing plant community

Denise Lange, Eduardo Calixto, Kleber Del-Claro & Vanessa Stefani
Mechanisms promoting stable coexistence allow multiple species to persist in the same trophic level of a given network of species interactions. One of the most common stabilizing mechanisms of coexistence is niche differentiation, such as temporal and spatial patchiness. To understand the limits of coexistence between species we have to understand the limits of competitive interactions which translate in species exclusion or patterns of non-co-occurrence. We evaluated spatiotemporal niche-based mechanisms that could promote stable coexistence...

Plant species-specificity of ant-plant mutualistic interactions: Differential predation of termites by Camponotus crassus on five species of extrafloral nectaried plants

Eduardo Calixto, Denise Lange, Xoaquín Moreira & Kleber Del-Claro
There is increasing evidence that the outcomes of mutualistic interactions between ants and plants bearing extrafloral nectaries (EFNs) is context-dependent. In particular, the total number, density and size of EFNs, as well as the abundance and identity of ants attending host plants, are considered as key factors determining the nature and strength of ant-EFN-bearing plant interaction. Although many previous studies have investigated context-dependency in ant–plant protection mutualisms mediated by EFNs, few have tested whether the...

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  • 2021

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  • Federal University of Technology – Paraná
  • University of Sao Paulo
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  • Misión Biológica de Galicia