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The Conceptualization of Sisterhood Within the Collegiate Sorority: An Exploration

Joshua Shutts, Gentry McCreary & Sarah Cohen

Bad Apples or Bad Barrels? Moral Disengagement, Social Influence, and the Perpetuation of Hazing in the College Fraternity

Gentry McCreary, Nathaniel Bray & Stephen Thomas

Toward a Broader Understanding of Fraternity – Developing and Validating a Measure of Fraternal Brotherhood

Gentry McCreary & Joshua Schutts

Is sexual conflict a driver of speciation? a case study with a tribe of brush-footed butterflies

Ana Paula Dos Santos De Carvalho, Ryan St Laurent, Emmanuel Toussaint, Caroline Storer, Kelly Dexter, Kwaku Aduse-Poku & Akito Kawahara
Understanding the evolutionary mechanisms governing the uneven distribution of species richness across the tree of life is a great challenge in biology. Scientists have long argued that sexual conflict is a key driver of speciation. This hypothesis, however, has been highly debated in light of empirical evidence. Recent advances in the study of macroevolution make it possible to test this hypothesis with more data and increased accuracy. In the present study, we use phylogenomics combined...

The Conceptualization of Sisterhood Within the Collegiate Sorority: an Exploration

Sarah Cohen, Gentry McCreary & Joshua Shutts

Modeling a Values-Based-Congruence Framework to Predict Organization Constructs in Fraternties and Sororities

Joshua Schutts & Kyna Shelley

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