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Reflected Light Microscopy as an Efficient and Costeffective Method for the Detection Of Calcareous Micro-fossils, An Example from the Much Wenlock Limestone Formation, Shropshire, UK

Rowshunara Hussain, Steven L. Rogers & Joel Blackburn
Ovummuridae are calcareous egg-shaped microfossils of unknown biological affinity. There are limited observations in the literature due to their occurrence only within exceptionally preserved carbonate rocks. The first observation and subsequent erection of the family was via scanning electron microscope imagery; more recently standard light microscopy has been used successfully to observe these microfossils. In this study 124 polished and etched thin sections from various lithofacies from the Much Wenlock Limestone Formation were studied via...

An Editorial Welcome to The Student Journal of Natural Sciences, 2019.

Antonia Law, Kate Baker, Aina Morgas Barcons, Harry Williams, Andy Mitten, Adam Jeffery, Emma Green, James Appleby, Glenda Jones & Steven Rogers
Editorial welcome to The Student Journal of Natural Sciences, 2019, published by Keele University.

Rates of fluorescein diacetate hydrolysis, phenol oxidation and potential denitrification in sand and gravel sediments from an agriculturally-impacted stream

S. Ullah, L. Glover & A. Percival
The dataset contains measurements of fluorescein, dopachrome and nitrous oxide production from incubation experiments of streambed sediments. The sediments were collected in five pseudo-replicates from 0 to 10cm depth using a 5cm-diameter AMS slide hammer and trowel at two locations within the Wood Brook, Staffordshire, in June 2015. Samples were collected from two reaches within the stream, a mid-stream sandy reach and a downstream gravel reach. The sediment was used in laboratory incubation experiments to...

X-Ray diffraction data relating to protein structure PDB ID: 6RYN

Annette Shrive & Trevor Greenhough
Raw diffraction data relating to ∝GlcNAc-1-P bound conglutinin structure ID: 6RYN. Zipped archive consisting of image files.

Anne Curry, Malcolm Vale, Frédéric Boutoulle, Paul Booth, Philip Morgan, Paul Spence, Francoise Lainé, Frank Byrne, Paul Caton, Nigel Coulton, Jon Denton, Nathan Dobson, Elise Dudézert, Dilys Firn, Eric Foster, John Gowling, Nicholas A. Gribit, Simon Harris, Catherine Howarth, Neil Jakeman, Adrian Jobson, Maureen Jurkowski, Faith Lawrence, Jonathan Mackman, Nelly Martin … & Chris Watson
The Gascon Rolls CKAN Dataset makes available the following resources: - The set of rolls in TEI-XML format; - An Eatsml file in XML containing the set of entity records (for persons, places, etc.) out of which the indexes and search available on the project site are generated; - The project guidelines for encoding the calendared versions of the rolls into TEI-XML.

How can we meet the energy challenges of small and remote coastal communities affected by climate change in Bangladesh and globally? Keele University Institute for Sustainable Futures Discussion Paper 2

Adam Moolna, Samiya Selim, Sharon George, Shantanu Kumar Saha, Carolyn Roberts, Joy Bhowmik, Ashley Hulme, Simon George, Sayeda Karim & Zoe Robinson
In Bangladesh, energy poverty in small and remote coastal communities inhibits development and exacerbates livelihood and migration pressures, social changes, and gender disparities. Climate change threatens low lying coastal areas, bringing sea level rise and increasing salinity. Cyclones and flash floods are having increasing impacts on coastal terrains, habitats, and associated livelihoods. Such challenges are faced by similar communities globally and represent significant barriers to addressing multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - in particular...

Integrating Video Content into Humanities Teaching: a case study

Jordan Kistler & Jonathon Shears
Screencasts and other video content offer an innovative means of improving communication between tutors and students and addressing student concerns about limited contact hours, which can be particularly pressing in English Literature. Our students’ comments make it clear they require further guidance and support, despite extensive feedback provided on written work and guidance provided in module handbooks. This likely results from the nature of the subject which foregrounds self-reflective learning and has fewer contact hours...

X-Ray diffraction data relating to protein structure PDB ID: 6RYG

Annette Shrive & Trevor Greenhough
Raw diffraction data relating to native conglutinin structure 6RYG. Zipped archive consisting of image files.

X-Ray diffraction data relating to protein structure PDB ID: 6RYM

Annette Shrive & Trevor Greenhough
Raw diffraction data relating to GlcNAc bound conglutinin structure PDB ID: 6RYM. Zipped archive consisting of image files.

Developing Graduate Skills through Studying Seventeenth-Century Literature: Some Reflections

Rachel Adcock
This paper advocates for the use of learner-centred teaching activities and enquiry-based assessment through reflection on the organisation of a FHEQ Level 5 seventeenth-century English literature module. While English is a subject where, traditionally, students find it difficult to recognise and articulate their transferable skills, this paper explores how embedding such activities equips students with a range of transferable skills and attributes which, in turn, contributes to the sustainability agenda. The paper also reflects on...

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