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Endosymbionts' genomes extracted from tick metagenomes

Marie Buysse & Olivier Duron
We have reconstructed the genomes of bacterial endosymbionts (Coxiella-LE, Francisella-LE and Coxiella burnetii) from the tick metagenomes of the BioProject PRJCA002242 available on the BIGD database (https://bigd.big.ac.cn/). Jia et al. (Jia et al., 2020, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2020.07.023; the original paper of the BioProject PRJCA002242) reported major discoveries on the genetic basis of hematophagy and vector capacities in ticks. Our re-examination of the tick metagenomic datasets shows that nutritional endosymbionts required for hematophagy were also widely present. They...

Oocyst counts from naturally infected mosquitoes collected in Burkina Faso

Anais Bompard, Dari F. Da, R. Serge Yerbanga, Isabelle Morlais, Parfait H. Awono-Ambéné, Roch K. Dabiré, Jean Bosco Ouédraogo, Thierry Lefèvre, Thomas S. Churcher & Anna Cohuet
The population dynamics of human to mosquito malaria transmission in the field has important implica- tions for the genetics, epidemiology and control of malaria. The number of oocysts in oocyst-positive mosquitoes developing from a single, naturally acquired infectious blood meal (herein referred to as a single-feed infection load) greatly influences the efficacy of transmission blocking interventions but still remains poorly documented. During a year-long analysis of malaria parasite transmission in Burkina Faso we caught and...

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  • 2021

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  • Maladies Infectieuses et Vecteurs : Ecologie, Génétique, Evolution et Contrôle
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