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Data from: Examining the microclimate hypothesis in Amazonian birds: indirect tests of the ‘visual constraints’ mechanism

Cameron L. Rutt, Stephen R. Midway, Vitek Jirinec, Jared D. Wolfe & Philip C. Stouffer
Proposed mechanisms for the decline of terrestrial and understory insectivorous birds in the tropics include a related subset that together has been termed the “microclimate hypothesis.” One prediction from this hypothesis is that sensitivity to bright light environments discourages birds of the dimly lit rainforest interior from using edges, gaps, or disturbed forest. Using a hierarchical Bayesian framework and capture data across time and space, we tested this by first determining vulnerability based on differences...

Data from: Negative frequency-dependent foraging behaviour in a generalist herbivore (Alces alces) and its stabilizing influence on food-web dynamics

Sarah R. Hoy, John A. Vucetich, Rongsong Liu, Don L. DeAngelis, Rolf O. Peterson, Leah M. Vucetich & John J. Henderson
1.Resource selection is widely appreciated to be context‐dependent and shaped by both biological and abiotic factors. However, few studies have empirically assessed the extent to which selective foraging behaviour is dynamic and varies in response to environmental conditions for free‐ranging animal populations. 2.Here, we assessed the extent that forage selection fluctuated in response to different environmental conditions for a free‐ranging herbivore, moose (Alces alces) in Isle Royale National Park, over a 10‐year period. More precisely,...

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  • 2019

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