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Branding Governance in International Recurring Sports Events: The World Rugby ‘Sevens’ Series

Eldrede Kahiya, Oliver Perkinson & Nicholas Ashill
Research Question: In response to calls for additional research on brand governance in sports, we examine brand governance practices in the novel and under researched context of the World Rugby Sevens Series. In doing so, we expand the discourse on rugby in the 21st century and provide fresh insights regarding the brand governance practices in an international recurring sporting event. Research methods: Our qualitative case study design utilizes in-depth interviews with eight rugby senior executives...

Introducing Volume 4

Eli Elinoff, Lorena Gibson & Catherine Trundle
Welcome to Volume 4 of Commoning Ethnography.

Data from: Decoding the dynamics of dental distributions: insights from shark demography and dispersal

Sora Kim, Justin Yeakel, Juergen Kriwet, Meghan Balk, Jaelyn Eberle, Sarah Zeichner & Dina Fieman
Shark teeth are the most abundant vertebrate fossil, and because tooth size generally correlates with body size, their accumulations document the size structure of populations. Understanding how ecological and environmental processes influence size structure, and how this extends to influence these dental distributions, may offer a window into the ecological and environmental dynamics of past and present shark populations. Here we examine the dental distributions of sand tigers, including extant Carcharias taurus and extinct Striatolamia...

2022 CONZUL OA Project Data New Zealand University Datasets (2020-2021 publications)

Richard White, Max Sullivan, Dene McDonald, Bruce White & Jess Howie
Datasets for New Zealand University Research Outputs for 2021 and 2022. Each university has its own dataset and there is one combined national dataset.

Network complementaries in the international expansion of emerging market firms

J Wu & Siah Ang
Can domestic political capital be transferable to more or less similar institutional contexts abroad? Motivated by contradictory results in two streams of research, this study seeks to combine the insights from two theoretical arguments and conceptualize the role of domestic political ties in international expansion as a dual problem of securing key resources from home governments and looking for opportunities in foreign markets and matching resources to capture them. We adopt the notion of network...

The Ethnic Implications of Preferential Voting

J Coakley & Jonathan Fraenkel
Around the turn of the century, political developments in Northern Ireland, Fiji and Papua New Guinea encouraged claims that preferential voting systems could steer polities in the direction of 'moderate' multi-ethnic government. Sixteen years later, we have a longer time period and larger volume of data to reassess these verdicts. This article investigates ballot transfer and party vote-seat share patterns in the seven deeply divided polities with some experience of preferential voting for legislative elections...

iPromoter-Seqvec: identifying promoters using bidirectional long short-term memory and sequence-embedded features

Thanh-Hoang Nguyen-Vo, Quang H. Trinh, Loc Nguyen, Phuong-Uyen Nguyen-Hoang, Susanto Rahardja & Binh P. Nguyen
Abstract Background Promoters, non-coding DNA sequences located at upstream regions of the transcription start site of genes/gene clusters, are essential regulatory elements for the initiation and regulation of transcriptional processes. Furthermore, identifying promoters in DNA sequences and genomes significantly contributes to discovering entire structures of genes of interest. Therefore, exploration of promoter regions is one of the most imperative topics in molecular genetics and biology. Besides experimental techniques, computational methods have been developed to predict...


Dwi Agustina, Margaret Gleeson & Gillian Hubbard
Creating long-life learners has become a long-term educational goal in many educational settings including Indonesia. An initial step towards this goal is to develop autonomy in students. Currently, learner autonomy or independence in learning has been promoted in higher education through the concept of Merdeka Belajar (freedom of learning) by the Minister of Education and Culture. In high schools, the 2013 curriculum has also emphasized learner autonomy development. Thus it is necessary to look back...

Submission to the Justice Committee on the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill 2021

Ti Lamusse, Tom Pearce, Holly Willson & Bre-Anne McDonald
No description supplied

Judicial Supervision of Local Decision-Making

Dean Knight
No description supplied

Introduction: The Long-run Impact of New Caledonia’s Noumea Accord

Jonathan Fraenkel
No description supplied

Conversations about Mother: Mnemonic Strategies for Narrating Survival in (Post-) War Germany

Brigitte Bonisch-Brednich
This article explores the strong correlations between mnemonic strategies and mnemonic triggers within family narratives. Families form narrative collectives with their own codes of narrative evocation. One sentence, even only one word, might open up a bundle of memories shared by all immediate kin. Such sharing can, however, be practised and interpreted differently by each family member; stories are also utilised strategically to bond with one family member and sideline another. Given the specific German...

By staff and for staff: building, sustaining and empowering a community of practice in teaching and learning for all university staff

Suzanne Boniface, Rhian Salmon, Susan Cherrington, M Harvey, Anne Macaskill, Stephen Marshall, Diane Ormsby, Sydney Shep, B Smith, R Biradovolu, Stuart Brock, Michael Dudding, J Flutey, Kevin Gould, T Hooper, J Stewart, J Walton & R Norman
No description supplied

False Belief Understanding and Moral Judgment in Young Children

KD Ochoa, JF Rodini & Louis Moses
Although the influence of intent understanding on children’s moral development has been long studied, little research has examined the influence of belief understanding on that development. In two studies we presented children with morally relevant belief vignettes to examine the extent to which they incorporate both intent and belief information in their moral judgments. In Study 1 (N = 64), 5-year-olds with higher false belief understanding (FBU) rated agents with false beliefs as more positively...

Immigrant Parent Perspectives on Involvement in their Child’s Mathematics Learning: Views of East Asian Immigrant Parents in Aotearoa New Zealand

Yin-Tzu Lin & Robin Averill
AbstractParental involvement in mathematics learning can positively affect student achievement and wellbeing but is challenging to establish and maintain. Asian immigrants make up around 15% of New Zealand’s population, yet little is known about these parents’ involvement in their child’s schooling. To examine the experiences of parental involvement in their child’s mathematics learning of East Asian parents, data from semi-structured interviews carried out with eleven parents were considered in light of a common parental involvement...

New Zealand’s pandemic border fortress: the community’s health and wellbeing versus citizens’ right to return

Dean Knight & Jane Calderwood Norton
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Review: Cesare Pavese. The Moon and the Bonfires. Translated by Tim Parkes (Penguin Classics, 2021)

Peter Twigg
Review and comparison with earlier published translations of this important novel. Parkes' translation meets the needs of this generation successfully.

Dynamic and Ordinary Capabilities: A Project Management Perspective

Nicholas Ashill, P Williams, MS Khan & E Naumann
The project management literature has typically focused on project efficiency measures, such as time, cost, and quality, but rarely examined broader measures of project success, such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In this article, we apply a resource-based theory framework and examine both ordinary and dynamic capabilities of the firm and their influence on customer satisfaction and repurchase intentions. We also include the firm's corporate reputation and explore its moderating influences on variables in...

Reassessing the 2003–17 regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands

Jonathan Fraenkel
The 2003–17 Australian and New Zealand-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is widely considered to be a comparatively successful peacebuilding mission. Jon Fraenkel argues that a fuller assessment of RAMSI needs to consider the low intensity of the preceding conflict, and the way that conflict changed over 2001–03 in ways that encouraged a law and order focus. Within Oceania, RAMSI is usually seen as fairly successful in achieving its short-term security objectives, but...

\"I think I beleive in civil rights\": Re-remembering Trans-Indigenous Political Activism in Pauline Vaeluaga Smith's Dawn Raid

Bonnie Etherington
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2022 CONZUL OA Project Data New Zealand University Datasets (2020-2021 publications)

Richard White, Max Sullivan, Dene McDonald, Bruce White & Jess Howie
Datasets for New Zealand University Research Outputs for 2021 and 2022. Each university has its own dataset and there is one combined national dataset.

Max Headroom: Discretionary Capital Buffers and Bank Risk

Martien Lubberink
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SMEs and HEIs: Observations from Brunei Darussalam and Germany

J Heilmaier & Mayyer Ling
This paper explores the role of higher education institutions in enhancing the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) ecosystem in Brunei Darussalam, particularly with regard to improving the spirit of entrepreneurship and the motivation to seek opportunities independently to propel the country’s transition economy forward. A qualitative methodology was adopted for data collection, using semi-structured interviews with Bruneian and German SME owner/managers and sales representatives. The economics perspective of the institutional framework was employed to identify...

Reconcile the Personalization-Privacy Paradox: Exploring Privacy Boundaries in Online Personalized Advertising

Yu-Qian Zhu, Kritsapas Kanjanamekanant & Yi-Te Chiu
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Power to make bylaws

Dean Knight
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