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Data from: AFLPs and mitochondrial haplotypes reveal local adaptation to extreme thermal environments in a freshwater gastropod

María Quintela, Magnus P. Johansson, Bjarni K. Kristjánsson, Rodolfo Barreiro & Anssi Laurila
The way environmental variation shapes neutral and adaptive genetic variation in natural populations is a key issue in evolutionary biology. Genome scans allow the identification of the genetic basis of local adaptation without previous knowledge of genetic variation or traits under selection. Candidate loci for divergent adaptation are expected to show higher FST than neutral loci influenced solely by random genetic drift, migration and mutation. The comparison of spatial patterns of neutral markers and loci...

Data from: Quick divergence but slow convergence during ecotype formation in lake and stream stickleback pairs of variable age

Kay Lucek, Arjun Sivasundar, Bjarni K. Kristjánsson, Skúli Skúlason & Ole Seehausen
When genetic constraints restrict phenotypic evolution, diversification can be predicted to evolve along so-called lines of least resistance. To address the importance of such constraints and their resolution, studies of parallel phenotypic divergence that differ in their age are valuable. Here, we investigate the parapatric evolution of six lake and stream threespine stickleback systems from Iceland and Switzerland, ranging in age from a few decades to several millennia. Using phenotypic data, we test for parallelism...

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  • 2014

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